Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orbx Queenstown (NZQN) - New Shots!

FSX/P3D. Orbx has finally posted some new preview captures from Queenstown (NZQN)! This area is truly spectacular in real life and a quality flightsim rendition is overdue. With a 5830 foot runway this airport should be "tubeliner" compatible as well. More shots inside!

One item that should perhaps be noted, the photo real ground resolution surrounding the airport is 60cm as no high resolution imagery is available - this is lower than most other Orbx releases.

For more, see the preview thread over at the Orbx forums - click here


Immanuel said...

Great - just GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I would have thought Venema and his team could muscle up a satellite flyby to get the imagery they need...



Anonymous said...

Actually 60cm is their standard for outside the airport fences anyway so this is no different to any other release. I think they are referring to the low res inside the airport which looks to me to be covered mostly by HD aprons anyway.

This is the same developer as YMML, YBBN, YMEN etc so I expect high quality all through this. The photoreal area looks to cover the whole city and approaches too - nice!

Very much looking forward to this (and NZAA, and FlyTampa's YSSY). Finally I will be able to do YMML-YSSY-YBBN then cross-Tasman to NZAA-NZQN.


Anonymous said...

Great looking scenery.

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