Thursday, February 21, 2013

Milviz F-100D looking sharp!

FSX. Just when I thought they had too much on their plate, Milviz just posted a 360 degree view of their upcoming F100D virtual cockpit.
This really looks amazing! VC looks completed and hopefully more screenshots are on the way for the rest of the aircraft. I was never one for military aviation but Milviz has changed that. I'm happy to say I will be looking forward to this one! A great fighter with a great history. Make sure to add this one to your hangars!

You can check out the 360 VC view here:

As always,

Happy flying!


Anonymous said...

They should concentrate on getting their current projects completed and released to market. Otherwise, all the new and amazing screenshots, 360s and so on are meaningless.
There is a helicopter, 407, the two B350s, though the difference in them is "only" the VC and gauges (I know this is still a lot of work) as well as a number of others, including now this albeit good looking F100...


Anonymous said...

Finish a project! Stop working on new things. These guys could be making $$ but are instead choosing to waste time.

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