Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leeds-Bradford !

FS9/FSX. Very first shots of UK 2000 Leeds-Bradford EGNM. A really good news for FSX users who are waiting this one for a long time (the airport has been released by Mexsim for FS9 users, three years ago). These pictures have been posted wednesday evening but have been flooded by other news (New Heathrow, Orbx Cardiff..). Possible release in a week or so ?

Much more screenshots on UK 2000 :


Anonymous said...

When is UK2000 going to hire a screenshot artist? Seriously lol

René Dijkema said...

@above: Gary just hasn't AA turned on, but that doesn't make it hard to see that this is an excellent product!

Dat 3D tunnel!

Anonymous said...

Release in a week or so?? But I'm sure I saw him state more shots in Mid March???

fridberg said...

The ICAO code is wrong. ENGM is Gardermoen, Norway. EGNM is Leeds-Bradford. :D

fridberg said...
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Anonymous said...

You do know that UK2000 is a one-man operation, right? I'm sure he's more interested in the scenery than the screenshot.

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