Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Luxembourg. First render.

FS9/FSX/P3D. There are a lot of contraverseys surrounding AviaSim these days and for the most part, our readers have been displeased with the team which now consist of 2 members. AirDailyX is addressing these concerns with the team in an upcoming interview. Rest assured, there will be no sugar coating. We are getting to the bottom of what their deal is and their current direction. Stay tuned for that interview next week. In the mean time, the team has progressed on the main passenger terminal. Reminds me of all those renders the team did for EireSim Dublin... another project that never saw the light of day.

Full res image here:!/pages/Aviasim/122189351224758

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Anonymous said...

Woow. Nice rendition. Just hoping AS is making the best out of thise nice airport!

René Dijkema said...

New version 2 of the freeware Guam scenery from Linden. Huge improvement of an already great freeware (Guam X v2 on avsim):

Anonymous said...

I really lost faith in them after the abandonment of Sacramento. Then again, I am biased as I was really looking forward to that release. They cited their reason as being the airport was evolving in construction, however the renderings that they released already encompassed said evolved construction. Since then, and even prior too, I found their communication to be poor except when announcing another project that would go unfinished. I find their reasons or excuses for project abandonment to be lazy. In so, as a developer, they have lost a great deal of credibility with this enthusiast.

Anonymous said...

I modeled Dublin EIDW for Eiresim, I completed what I had to do in just 2 months, though last I spoke with Terry, he is in the process of texturing all my models, it will be released by Eiresim I was just contracted to model the airport, it's up to them if and when they release

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