Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's call it 3D-2D. Just go with me on this...

FSX/P3D. So as we are very well aware, 2D panels will not be available in the PILOT Edition of the Majestic Q-400. Now personally, I see 2D panel flying as a thing of the past... and by past, I mean FS2002. But as a fan of FS9, it's not right for me to judge these 2D panel fans. FS9 projects are being kept alive and to a certain extent, so are 2D panels. Due to the feedback received by Majestic, they decided to make the main displays have pop-up functionality. So wheras they are not your usual 2D panel, they should still serve you 2D panelheads well, and they have a 3D feel. Have a look:

 More info here:!/pages/Majestic-Software-Dash-8-Q400/249628718485404

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree to a certain extent. 2D panels are the best things when you want to be doing several things at once. E.g. looking out the window looking at PFD while inputing FMS keys. So Majestic I have got it right to a good extent. Many people also buy a 2nd screen so that its easier to navigate quickly to certain panels and functions in the 2nd screen while using the main screen as the VC.

most notably the FMS/FMC when there is no popup or 2d panel that really bugs me. as i like to go through my plan and see it on the map display.

just my 2 cents

DAndre Newman said...

I have i word for you to solve all those issues, ready? TrackIR.

Anonymous said...

2D panels are convenient in FS9 because they load much faster, and the click spots are intuitive because most addons were designed for the 2D experience. e.g. the autopilot heading knob in Boeings, which usually has one knob on top of another and it gets difficult to adjust them in VC because your viewpoint is at an offset angle.

However with FSX the 2D panels became really clunky with slow loading times. Combine that with improvements in the FSX VC, such as better implemented VC clickspots, (e.g. Mouse cursor changes when hovering) VC head movements, better textures, faster gauge refreshes and more polygons. All of them greatly enhances the VC experience in FSX.

There's also one great advantage of having VC only, and that's because it's far easier to develop a complex a payware aircraft without a 2D panel. For me I'd rather see more payware aircraft, even if they're VC only. PMDG is moving in that direction with the 777 and as the market leader they can't be wrong.

There are some drawbacks with the VC however, as the previous comment mentioned the FMS CDU needs to be in 2D as well, and TrackIR makes the VC more difficult to operate. Also I find shifting between different VC views to be annoying, as some places (e.g. Comm 2) are inaccessible from the default VC viewpoint.

D'Andre your comment about FS2002 reminds me of something: Wilco's A320 PIC for FS2002, WITH VC ONLY! That thing was way too much ahead of its time and it ran like a turd FPS wise with my old machine:

Anonymous said...

That's surprisingly condensing DAndre! Each of us have our own setups for the way we want to fly. For me, having a 2d FMS and select other gauges on a 2nd monitor is the setup I find most useful. We are flying complex aircraft solo, where usually a co-pilot is taking care of many tasks, so having such items on a second screen makes things easier even when we are immersed in a virtual cockpit. I use trackir as well, and it does not replace the stable ease of use that a popup fms, undocked and placed on a second monitor, gives me. Pmdg accommodates basic 2ds and popups, unfortunate that magistic will not.

Anonymous said...

Well I have TrackIR thanks, well before you found out about it from reading one of your previous posts :). Its been on the market for quite a while.

I suggest you buy a second monitor and try that too and take your sim to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Even TrackIR doesn't help to gain the field of view to a realistic angle and simultaneously keep the legibility from Captain or F/O seat.

TrackIR helps to deflect additional needed inputs from your primary input device to your neck, simply to get the legibility you have in 2D already.

From the point of realism:

2D popup in VC is as unrealistic as 2D. But the FOV in VC isn't realistic, too.

VC is really cool for videos, screenshots and in short final, but nothing can compete with 2D monitoring parameters from your aircraft.

Even with EZDOK i have to choose unrealstic camera-views to get the same legibility we already have in 2D.:-)

Anonymous said...

They have this spot on, 3d + 2d pop ups. I hate when it's only a "clean" VC like pmdg j-41 or Aerosoft A320...very user unfriendly! pmdg NGX is a good example how it should be done.

DAndre Newman said...

Hey guys, I don't mean to be condescending or disrespectful. We all obviously have our methods of flying. My point was it appeared (based on the comments) that the best possible way to fly and multitask is to use a 2D panel. Now don't get me wrong, I think that is correct. But the point I was making, is with T-IR, most aircraft have popup windows anyway and the armchair pilot can still look around and work. And that if you have never tried that, you really should.

For me though, I don't mind looking down at the panel and pedestal and doing my FMS work in flight. Besides, during critical stages of flight, I am HOTAS anyway. Shouldn't we all be?

As for a multi monitor setup, with T-IR it becomes redundant. I tried with the 2 other monitors I have at home. Just wasn't for me. And if T-IR is not for you lot, I respect that.


DAndre Newman said...

Perhaps Majestic is really on to something here that more developers should follow. We'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

The PFD&ND and Eicas need to be undockable and 2D. It is so much easier to take a quick look than always have to zoom in and out. Nothing comes close there to a 2D panel.

Anonymous said...

When and where did PMDG state that the 777 won't have 2D panels?

Anonymous said...

I believe the info was from the PMDG presentation during the Aerosoft FS Conference in Munich last year. Search Youtube.

IIRC 2D popups only, no main panel.

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