Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hi all!

I too wanted to post a quick introduction to the AirDailyX community. My name is Mark Hrycenko and I currently reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (CYYC). I have been given the great privilege of joining the AirDailyX team and will soon be posting content daily. With so many great ideas for site content I can hardly wait to get started!

Aviation has been a very important part of my life since a very young age, a passion to say the least. Naturally, flight simulation has also become a passion as well as my primary past time. The opportunity to fly wherever you want with whatever aircraft you prefer from the comfort of your own computer is truly an amazing feat. We are all given the opportunity to experience the joy and awe of flight whenever we so choose. In essence, this is why I love flight simulation and why I find the progression and development of new innovative products so important. Flight simulation development has progressed at an amazing rate and the future is indeed very exciting. I look forward to sharing my views, perspectives, and findings with all of you.

Years ago I completed my education in “Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology” later choosing a very different career in business, specifically accounting and construction safety management, an odd combination I know. Since I no longer have the opportunity of working with aircraft on a daily basis flight simulation has become an even more important part of my life. I enjoy all types of flight simulation flying although recently my focus has been towards aerobatic and low level VFR flying. In fact, my current goal is to pursue amateur aerobatic flying in the real world, a very exciting prospect indeed.

I already own a significant archive of flight simulation software and am constantly looking for the next significant advance in flight simulation development. My contribution to the site will be comprehensive, unbiased, and informative. I hope to start many interesting discussions and am truly looking forward to contributing to the flight simulation community that has brought me so much joy.

Have a wonderful evening and happy simming!



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Anonymous said...

Welcome Mark! Are you a Flames fan?

Anonymous said...

Welcome Mark:) I to am interested in aerobatics(noob) looking forward to learning more about this subject!

Mark Hrycenko said...

Indeed I am, patiently waiting for our next Stanley Cup run...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark i am also from calgary,welcome, are you a fs9 user

Mark Hrycenko said...

I am although to a much lesser extent these days. Still, I enjoy the odd flight – especially with a stable and smooth 60FPS in even the densest areas. FS9 offers performance that is hard to beat.

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