Saturday, February 23, 2013

Airbus Heavy Metal?

FSX. Black Box Simulations has been teasing us with preview screenshots these past couple days.
With the screen shot released this morning, I'm beginning to wonder if this is a larger airbus in the works? It really does look like an A330. Lets hope so! Would be really nice to have some larger airbus aircraft for the FS skies! It makes you wonder what might be coming! I'll be watching these guys closely for the next little while to see what this actually is.

You can view their facebook page here:!/BlackBoxSimulation?fref=ts

As always,

Happy flying!


Anonymous said...

Will BlackBox Simulations make their A330 black boxes recoverable?

Anonymous said...

Well I know that Blackbox has already confirmed that after the extreme A320 series there will be a A330 serie. So wouldn't suprise me if they would announce it next week. It could also be a A321 preview

Anonymous said...

About time. We seriously need a good A330.

Anonymous said...

But their model ist terrible. Looks like FS2000 and the dimensions are completely wrong.

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