Monday, February 18, 2013

A quick chat with Overland JP.

FS9/FSX. Overland. Simmers Sky. These were 2 names that brought happiness to those who loved flying the skies of Japan. And if you are anything like me, you must really love flying the skies of Japan which means like me, you bought each and every one of their airports over the years. But lately, things just seemed to die down at Overland. We were expecting to get Haneda last year only to be told after several previews that the dev team were not happy with the quality and scraped it in an effort to start over and do better. Well the guys at Overland are very quiet besides their daily Sudoku updates. Lucky for you lot, we were able to squeeze just enough out of the Japanese company to find out just what the hell is going on over there.

It doesn't look good...

D'Andre: "Hello, any chance of you leaking us any info on your upcoming projects? The entire FS community is very interested in what is cooking at Overland."

Overland: "We are still developing it (Haneda) and I only can apologize for delay. Actually, I'm not from [the] FS team. They are focusing the project. I'm sorry.

D'Andre: "Is there any way we can get in touch with the development team?"

Overland:  "Nothing..They wouldn't like to receive any messages directly. But, I always forward [your queries] to them."

D'Andre: "So is overland simply the publisher? Is SimmersSky the name of the development team?"

Overland:  "We aren't just a publisher. [We are] making deals with airlines, correcting materials, and doing a lot of other works. We are handling [the] external development staff [who] works [from] their homes. This time, [the] main staff has [had] some troubles and we finally decided setting the first priority to the quality... I know most of the users can't wait [for] this project. But, it's our policy."
D'Andre: "Understood. My very last question promise. Is there any roadmap or expected planned release for 2013?"

Overland:  "We already completed our works for the [following] projects: RJTT, RJAH and RJNS 2years ago. The main staff are brushing up RJTT for FSX now. Of course we hoped releasing it in 2012, but it has already taken over a year. I think it's our duty [to] our FS9 product customers and it maybe our last work."

D'Andre: "Okay, thanks so much! We understand."

So as you can see, according to Overland, the updated Haneda is in still in the works for FS9/FSX. At this point, all we can honestly do is sit back, wait, and hope that the updated Japanese airport we have been waiting so long for will come soon. In the mean time, there is plenty of Sudoku puzzles on their Facebook page to hold you over!

As for the future of Japanese airports. AirDailyX is aware of some projects in the pipeline but nothing we are at liberty to disclose yet. Wink!


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