Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scoop of the day !

FS9/FSX. ADX Exclusive! We have been directly authorized to unveil Taxi2gate next airport. American.

Of course, yes, Orlando KMCO !
More news very soon from TaxI2gate.
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Anonymous said...

Nice! that's great news!

Anonymous said...


T.J. Streak said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Blueprint already have an Orlando? I really don't understand why developers think consumers want multiple versions of airports. It just seems like a foolish choice.

Mason Dominique said...

Well i'd say that Blueprint and T2G are not focusing the same audience.

Anonymous said...

I still love my cloud 9 version hands down!

Anonymous said...

You are joking right? so FSDT can't do KLAX because Blueprint did it too?

Blueprint has a smaller target customer base, and dare I say that T2gate is getting better by each release.

Looking forward to this one.

Anonymous said...

but then there is also cloud9 however support is lacking. Nonetheless, if T2G is able to best the technique as used on LZIB....then they got my money. Only time will tell and from the current trend..this group moves fast...other then FTX/Obrx they are the only developers that consistently drop new scenery almost every two months...I applaud them...carry on T2G

Anonymous said...

Blueprint MCO is complete garbage. T2G's MCO looks leagues ahead, so yes, there are room for multiple versions of the same airport if one developer doesn't know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

That's a very polite and kind way of saying it! :)

Anonymous said...

taxi2gate are pretty average, id rather a quality dev made us Orlando.

Anonymous said...

scenery is too rushed & poor quality. I hope fsdt or Ft do it.

Anonymous said...

From what i have seen at FSDT they don't want to do Orlando... And due too the dev times they have we'll see it untill 2015 if they start tomorrow!

I think that judging a scenery from one single screenshot (if you look it closer you'll notice is from the real one) or even more, from an announce, is pure rubbish

I own the blueprint one, and trust me i'll will send it to oblibion when this one is out!

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