Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A virtual enchantment ?

(Essay). I was ready to sleep yesterday, a few minutes after discovering Milford Sound and Quintin Lodge, and i thought to myself... this might be a post... there is a good topic here.

Can a virtual scenery reaches an enchantment, enamouring ? If so, what kind of scenery ? A mega large airport ? A super mesh with ultra high definition photoreal textures ? Or just this lost sand runway, sloped, hidden by trees ?
The last choice is the right one, on my opinion. Ultra high quality heavy airports give me a deep and long addiction. It's FSDT KLAX, It's Fly Tampa Athens, It's Flightbeam KPHX.
Very high definition airports and sceneries like Heraklion or Mykonos or Corfu, are my daily dose of thrill of excitement.
But these highly realistic sceneries, seclusive, animated places... they really reach my satisfaction.
My spirit can plunge in these virtual worlds and is durably imprinted by these images.
How developers can recreate these realistic high fidelity worlds for other humans ? It's fantastic and is by far.. smarter than programming some idiotic car races where you turn and turn and turn for ever around the same circuits !
Orbx is on the right track. They have simply understood our basic/ fundamental need for beauty.. of all kind, well... almost !
Airdailyx November 2012
Dom Mason


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Anonymous said...

I fully agree! Some of these little strips are chock full of personality. Orbx has quite the nack for 're creating these small fields with amazing detail.

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