Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Orbx Shows First New openLC EU Texture Shots!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Originally slated for a December 2013 release, FTX Global openLC EU is expected to enter full beta testing in January 2014. Orbx's CEO, John Venema, has just posted some alpha shots showing some of the new European textures that will be included and are designed to provide the most accurate regional LC possible. He also mentions an anticipated February 2014 release.

Creating custom landclass for the entire world is obviously a hugely ambitious task, and it makes sense for Orbx not to rush this out the door. The textures you see below typically sit on top of FTX Global and FTX Vector.

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Andreas said...

I hope that they are actually working on the texture assgnent as well, or does anybody ever saw red- and yellow colored fields in reality ? ^^

Good things will takes their time, as their is no need for action, will suvvive a few weeks, anyway.

Sid said...

Hey Andreas,

The red and yellow areas are fields of tulips during the Dutch tulip season. These do actually exist and are cultivated in reality in Holland. Take a look at the preview forum on the FTX Orbx forum site...JV has actually posted a real photo of them. Just letting you know as I know a lot of people have initially confused them with some kind of alpha shot texture artefacts but these fields are beautiful to see realised in the sim, giving me faith that the FTX Global Open LC product should bring some nice much-needed custom variations into the sim based on the differences within different countries in each region they are planned for. The world will certainly become less dull and a more interesting place to discover and explore when the project has further evolved to that level. Certainly keeps the hobby more and more interesting, fights away any boredom and dullness from uniformity in locations, and expands the world for years of simming with a welcome sense of discovery and exploration. But, as you say, the best things take time...given, so much more is possible :-)
Take care friend,

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