Saturday, December 7, 2013

JetStream Designs announces their next project: KLIT - Little Rock!

FSX. JetStream Design has announced Little Rock National as their next project. If Their Marseilles Provence is any indication, this will be an outstanding rendition of KLIT. I flew into Little Rock in the real world many, many moons ago, and it was a very interesting place to hang out. Looking forward to this new Southern US destination.


Sid said...

Arkansas...that's different...very nice...Little Rock has its only little place in the aviation good choice I say...that is a US airport I'll take a piece of :-)

But I must get their Marseilles Provence next year first. I remember seeing DAndre's review on it here and it looked like a gem. Haven't got round to that one yet as there's so many to still catch up on but its always been on the list since I saw it...its been one of those years...Bring on more of the same in 2014, I say...don't mind playing this kind of catch-up and making difficult priority decisions one little bit :-) LOL

Sid said...

Do hope they keep a variety of destinations around the world planned though. Southern U.S...that's definitely different and an area in the sim that could do with another stop to narrow the gaps so good choice, IMHO.

Unknown said...

i still wish someone would create memphis, indianapolis and louiseville. memphis is the fedex hub of the world for cargo with indianapolis being 2nd. louiseville ky is a huge ups hub. alot of people do enjoy cargo, but little rock is a good go between for the east and west coast airports already created

Dennis said...

KLIT and I go way back. I have had some very nice times there. It's a small protuberance of a landing strip surrounded by rolling hills and deep valleys. Seems like every time I go to KLIT, it's just finished raining, because it's always wet. I hope the developers don't get distracted and ignore "the KLIT", as we call it.

Unknown said...

We need a Nashville, BNA.

Ryan said...

If they are going to do smaller airports located close to larger airports I really think they need to take a look at Reno. It is close to SFO, LAX, SLC, DEN, LAS, PHX, PDX and SEA not to mention it had a good amount of votes on the Flightbeam poll! It bothers me how smaller airports get overlooked by developers, good on them for doing KLIT and hopefully we can see more smaller fields in the future.

Shez said...

As I commented on a previous poll I am almost done with the KMEM Fedex hub so hopefully that one need will be fulfilled within a month or two.

Shez (SunSkyJet)

Sid said...

Great Shez!

Would indeed be good to have the FedEx global Brett says.

Thanks for the heads up and info...I didn't know. Looking forward to seeing shots of it in a couple of months or so :-)

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