Friday, November 8, 2013

Petitioning Microsoft to Hand Over the FSX/ESP/Prepar3d Entertainment License

FSX. If anyone is interested in signing a petition in an effort to encourage Microsoft to free up the Entertainment License to Lockheed Martin you may do so by clicking below. So far many of you are on-board with nearly 500 signatures at the time of this post. The current goal is 3,000. Let's also not forget, the FSX source code is currently up for sale. Check it out and drop your sig!


Unknown said...

Signed... But if it will make any difference??? MS has no interest at all to hand over the (last piece of) rights to any 3rd party.

Green1X said...

Well since this is Micro$oft it'll probably never happen. IMO.

William Pierce said...

If LH isn't getting the entertainment license, then I'd like to see Microsoft distribute p3d and co-develop it. P3D is going no place without that license, and all the FSXers hoping for a better platform will end up having to break the EULA to use it. For all the complaints about Aces, they actually created something magnificent and I'm sure Microsoft would be able to contribute something of value to a development partnership... as long as they remain open to backward compatibility and openness to 3rd party add-ons. Maybe thats an overly optimistic picture, but I just want a modern sim and don't care who makes it anymore.

Aaron said...

I'm not sure why people seem to think that Lockheed Martin would suddenly want to be in the computer entertainment business. I know flight simmers are desperate for a new future, but I just can't see that happening.

Arismac said...

I do not think that LM will ever enter the gaming market, but it should be possible to license a third party which already trades in the flight sim market, to sell and support Prepar3D

Dave said...

Good grief!

AirdailyX, by the simple act of giving this pathetic piece of nonsense some "airspace", let alone putting your name to it, you have just joined the low ranking of the likes that is slowly destroying AVSIM.

KEEP THE GAMERS AWAY and let the hobbyists once again enjoy what is left of this hobby, before it implodes because people can't, or refuse to, accept what they have been handed on a golden platter.

GadgetGuru said...

How stupid & ignorant! We know that MS sold the licence of 'ESP' (NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT) to Lockheed Martin who has developed it as Prepar3d - NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

So Microsoft has NOTHING to do with Prepared!!

We KNOW Microsoft has stopped all development of FSX, so I think we will not see another version of FS from them!

I agree, this so called petition is totally ignorant & a waste of energy..

We should spent more time flying, learning to fly properly than wasting time on this crud.!

So the options are.. Carry on with FSX, stick to FS9, buy P3D, X-Plane or whatever floats your boat(plane)!

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