Monday, November 4, 2013

Mombasa in the make for FS9.

FS9. I just saw the post on the fsdeveloper forums that Albysim has started on their new scenery of Mombasa Kenya. Albysim is also busy with an remake of their scenery:" Santorini Big Scenery".

Just like many more beautifull places Africa is an forgotten fact in the flight sim community.
Albysim is going to make a little change with their new scenery in the make:" Mombasa Moi International Airport".
Mombasa "Moi International Airport" (HKMO) is the second largest airport in Kenya and is the main airport for tourists that wants to enjoy their vacation near the sea or on safari.
At this moment there is only one screenshot availible. 


Unknown said...

Great! It is going to be second custom airport for Kenya after Orientalsim Nairobi. Africa is really deserted in FS9 and deserves more attention!

Matthew Pinkerton said...

This is about as exciting as my goldfish having hiccups.

Live Wire said...

Africa has long been ignored in our hobby. It is gratifying to see some interest. I suspect, rather like Asia recently, that many pilots having acquired all the airports in Australia, Europe, Middle East, South America and North America might just turn their interest to the African nations. I hope this project succeeds and encourages AlbySim to undertake others.

Mr. Pinkerton, whilst perfectly entitled to his view, obviously has limited interest in flying further than the nose on his face. Sometimes it is rather better to keep one's views to oneself particularly if they are neither relevant nor constructive.

Sid said...

Great news Rick....I only wish this airport could have been done for FSX/P3D too...As you say, the gateway to Kenyan Safari and the white sands of Mombasa's beaches would do nicely indeed...Certainly, when complete FTX Global's Africa is also gonna be yet another awesome and distinct continent, just waiting with many great destinations for the populating someday.

henry thomas said...

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