Saturday, November 9, 2013

Greek Airports Project LGTS 2013!

FS9/FSX. These guys are still alive and kicking after all. I thought they had stopped developing sceneries but then again, i'll admit, I haven't been searching their site for new news. I know there was some animosity against FlyTampa when Athens was announced and after that, they seemed to go dark. But they are back with some nice looking shots of their upcoming updated rendition of Thessaloniki. I'll say this, their older 2006 version was kickass for it's day and it was a regular destination for me in FS9. The thing is though, one of my very favorite developers: FSDG is well into development on a high quality payware variant which leaves the question, will the GAP freeware arrive soon enough to hold me over for FSDG's version? Have a look!

And some shots from FSDG!

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Ian G said...

Greece is really a nice place to flight sim these days with all of the airport upgrades over the last year or so!

Christian said...

Yet another (after Athens and Corfu) desperate effort to grab money from advertised destination airports with outdated low quality 'work'

Balan22 said...

Yep it's good, but I think they (and other developers too) should rather concentrate to another part of world e.g. Africa and Asia 'cause those are not covered just the northern side of Africa. Now that we have 777 we need long range routes that can be made from an excellent quality airport to another good quality one. I know there are, but those are just the usual ones.

Ian G said...

The Greek Airport Projects is free, if that is what you are referring to about low quality. The FSDG offering doesn't appear to be low quality to me but it is all a matter of opinion in the end.

Epon said...

Mate, the company's name is GREEK Airports Project. They only do Greek airports by definition. :p

Christian said...

Yap, referring to low quality work of the GAP scenery, didnt know it was free. they have that reputation of re-releasing old stuff for money

Ian G said...

Right on, Christian. Admittedly I'm not terribly familiar with the group but all I could find on their site was in reference to freeware. I can't really comment on other projects released as payware as I'm not personally aware them, but I can certainly understand your stance if that's the case.

Epon said...

I believe these two are the only payware they have ever released.

My opinion: not the best quality around, but the prices seem to match that quality. Maybe could have been a couple euros cheaper.

mleuck said...

How does one download from their site? I am having issues.

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