Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Update for the ADX fans.

Howdie all. I know news coverage is not as plentiful as usual. I am balancing my time between personal life, ADX, and the new ADX website. Thanks to Captain Hoffen for assisting me with keeping the show running. The good news is,

The new site and mobile app (which will be available via iTunes and Google Play) are both about 90% complete. I have really been kicking ass daily to get this work done. The painful task now is migrating the content such as reviews, firstlooks, interviews etc. to the new site. As there is no useful way to do this in an automated fashion that is efficient and as each article has it's own unique layout which has to be drawn out by hand, it's all down to time. 

But each day I am getting a lot of work done. The deadline for the rollover is still marked for Jan 1st 2014. So far, the feedback I have been getting from those testing it out has been overwhelmingly positive. It is truly ADX as it should be. It all looks really good and I think you all will be impressed too. It's like no other site I have ever seen dedicated to flight simulation and moves us out of that cluttered look/blog format you see here, and on many other sites that throw too much information in your face all at once.

Something I was unaware of is, ADX is blocked in China and readers there have had to use VPN's to get access. Soon, we will be able to fully reach our readers in that region.

If there is someone who is serious about assisting Hoff and me in keeping the daily news up to date here on the blog and has at least an hour and a half every day to commit to looking for news and posting quality articles, please get in touch. Many of you have offered your assistance in the past but it's just way too many emails to go back and sort through. I'm really looking for the mature crowd here. Please don't waste my time applying if you cant fully commit yourself in the same way that I do. This is not easy work and if you think it is, already I can say don't apply. It will just slow me down, waste my time, and delay the work I am doing for the new site.

For those of you who are empowered, have the time, willingness, and passion to contribute to ADX daily, I hope to hear from you. Onwards and upwards. The next evolution of ADX is in progress! 

Thanks all for your support. I have selected 2 applicants to assist. Back to the news!



Todd said...

Keep up the good work, D'Andre. I don't know how you find the time, but I am impressed, needless to say.


mfahey said...

D'Andre when I am in China i always miss my twice daily AirDailyX fix, so I'm glad this will soon change. For the last three weeks I have been in Nth Korea and I can confirm you are blocked there too - but so is all the rest of the internet as well! Keep up the great work! Mark

Sagga Toure said...

Nice job, keep up the good work. I comment here rarely but I would love it if you guys had a Forum.

Silverbird said...

Wonderful Job you have been doing D'Andr life would be so strange without adx its become part of my daily life getting the news and reviews in one place keep up the great work,

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. After the site is officially launched, i'll be looking into the forum option. If I do it, it will be built 100% based on reader feedback. Whatever you all want it to be. Let's say, we'll revisit this in Feb.

cowpatz said...

Yeah a pain not being able to view in China. It seems that any web page with a Facebook or Twitter link is also blocked. Actually I congratulate China on blocking those waste of time sites but not those that merely have a link.

SF said...

Keep up the good word ADX!

Sid said...

You, Captain Hoffen and Rick are doing a fine job DAndre. Really looking forward to the exciting website...so much potential for the future there I must say. The possibilities are very exciting. You're doing a great job...but you're absolutely right with your priorities mate...Great to see you put family first...no one in their right mind can ever fault you for that buddy. Its all good on ADX. Don't worry about anything...we're all with you...I'm sure you know that! Thank you for your devotion and time and all the great stuff that has been and is to come buddy!
All the best with work, family and play...don't forget to put a sprinkling of 'rest' in there...Its seriously important and we'll live and be right here.
Thank you,

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