Monday, September 2, 2013

FSGlobal RealWeather update!

FS9/FSX/P3D. FS Global has just released version 1.7 Build 012 and it's now ready for download. It is really splendid to see this team continue with the updates on a regular biases. Besides this, FS Global Real Weather is simply a superb product. Those who have it know exactly what I am talking about. Click to see what was updated plus the update download links.

V 1.7 Build 012 RELEASED!

 Today we have released a major update for FSGRW. This new version includes:

 .) Completely rewritten Network Bridge for better performance and multiple simulator support.
 .) A bug, that could cause unnatural wind shifts to occur after completely refreshing the weather, was fixed.
 .) A bug, that caused initial weather sets during flight when flying with a simulation rate other than 1, was fixed.
 .) A bug, that caused upper air temperatures to be too high in many circumstances, was fixed.
 .) A bug, that caused natural wind movements to appear in high altitudes although the setting was turned off, was fixed.
 .) A bug, that caused exceptions and lost connections when using Prepar3D, was fixed.
 .) Added a feature that allows one FS Global Real Weather Client to connect to up to 7 Network Bridges and distribute weather information to them.
 .) The user interface of FS Global Real Weather now supports all DPI settings (not only 96).
 .) Natural Wind Movements now only occur up to a certain altitude (around FL100, depending on the actual atmospheric conditions) 
 which is closer to reality than the previous implementation.
 .) FS Global Real Weather will now display METAR strings for each weather station review. However, these will not be exactly the same as the ones from NOAA (or other official sources), because FS Global Real Weather creates them based upon the actual weather data that is collected from more than just METAR data sources.
 .) Data export will now automatically be done after a successful weather download to improve support for third-party add-ons using our data exchange file (previous builds only exported when starting weather transfer).
 .) Updated documentation which now includes a step-by-step guide on how to create a shortcut with autostart parameters.
 .) Fixed a lot of spelling errors and text areas that were to small to display the complete text in the UI.

 Update via the auto-update feature of FSGRW or - if you don't have it already - download here:
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