Thursday, September 5, 2013

ADX FirstLook! AU Scene Adelaide!

P3D. Howdy folks! I'm back yet again for another ADX FirstLook! This one is a bit delayed as Adelaide was released last week but no worries, I am getting caught up! The Au Scene team has done a splendid job with this airport and I can honestly say I see real serious potential with this development team. There were so many things done right in this scenery and a few that could be better. So let's take a look at the job they have done as we head back downunder to the Australian capital city!

My first impressions are very clear right off the bat. The team has put a lot of effort into this project. Photoreal terrain, custom autogen, animated figures and vehicles, the list goes on. If one thing the team captured perfectly, is the look and feel of Adelaide and they did not just model the airport. Many important buildings outside the airport boundary including Glenelg Beach are added in high detail.

One of the more interesting parts of the scenery are the ground textures. Odd looking up close but perfect at aircraft hight.

The night lighting is very well done as you can clearly see.

Final thoughts.

As I mentioned earlier, the Au Scene team has done a splendid job with this airport and I can honestly see real serious potential with this development team. Have they made it to the big leagues yet? Well, not quite. There were a few things that I found to be in need of a serious upgrade. The first are the terminal textures. As this team continues to improve on their skill, I am hopeful they will return with texture upgrades on the terminal. They were indeed accurate, but just lacking in visual quality. I would have really loved to see some texture baking in this area. 

Asside from this, I also found the jetbridges seriously lacking in quality although, I was glad to see the glass textures rendered nicely. The ground textures of the runways and ramp areas look odd if you put your nose up against it but from a normal distance, they are very sharp and detailed as they should be. A part of me wishes the same texture methods used on the ground was implemented on the terminal.

The night lighting was spot on and I really liked the custom autogen, custom beach objects, and the photoimage. If this team was aiming for the bullseye, they missed it by a few inches. But that's okay. Because everything else was done just fine and there is always room for improvement.

So as I said, real potential here for this team and indeed they could quickly join the high ranks as they improve on their skill.

Personally, overall I really like it. And I am sure you will too. I look forward to the next scenery from AU Scene!

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Villan said...

I got it the day it come out and the updates the guys are working on will make YPAD a little better. It's the only PW one that's out so that makes it the best PW YPAD around for now. We been waiting for something like this and it makes my home town airport more enjoyable to fly in to.


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