Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tropical Sim Guarulhos V.2 First Look

FS9/FSX/P3D. The Brazilian team has reworked Sao Paulo Guarulhos SBGR. Although it's not a complete rebuild "from scratch", the scenery has been deeply improved : new photoreal imagery, new set of textures, new glass-walls showing terminal insides. And new terminal and buildings, including the ongoing terminal work for the World soccer cup and Olympic games.


Version tested : FSX
File Size : 411 MB !
Manual : Yes, 4 pages in English (no charts).

Side note: Previous owners of Tropical Sim Guarulhos can buy this new version at a discount price.

Framerate : an average of 18-22 fps at gate aboard a PMDG and with Ultimate Traffic V.2
(processor I7 3,4 GHz / 6 MB RAM / Nvidia GTX 650 Ti / Windows 7 64 bits)

I would bet that Leandro and Carlo know very well this airport - they are Brazilian - and since they already started Guarulhos a few years ago, they have up-to-date knowledge and documentation on the airport current configuration.
I am specially impressed by the size of the scenery : approximately 80 - 85 square kilometers, with more than 7 kilometers of scenery and autogen along your final approach.
For the first time in a Tropical Sim scenery too, translucent glass-walls have been designed on main terminals. From a gate position, the pilot will see lobbies, seats etc.

Screenshots taken with Nvidia GTX 650 / high quality settings.

Tropical Sim Sao Paulo Guarulhos SBGR


 * * * * * 
FSX Defaut + FTXG textures
FSX Defaut + FTXG textures
Tropical Sim Guarulho V.2013 scenery







The airport



New terminal construction site (not finished, as in the real airport)



Sao Paulo SBGR by night



A splitten image to show you the inside/outside views.



Surroundings by night

The cargo area excepted, which could have included more details (and i did not like the basic grey containers), the scenery gives a very good idea of the real airport, in its current condition. Like in Google Earth, many parts of the Platform are still under construction, beeing extended for the Soccer world cup and the Olympic games in 2014 and 2016. So, it's a matter of choice, i suppose : buying this newly improved scenery or waiting a version V.3 !
Besides the very large size of the scenery, the framerate is also a strong point. Even when running it with the PMDG NGX and Ultimate traffic V.2 in the backstage, i usually got 20-25 fps.
Thanks !

ADX / First Look / August 3rd / DM

More details on additional features / more screenshots :


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