Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bonners Ferry.. Some from him!

FSX/P3D. Iain Emms is so popular now on Orbx, that he just needs to say "some shots from... me" to alert everybody. And when Iain is beta testing an airfield, be shure it's (almost) released...
More screenshots from Iain :




BruceL said...

To be honest, ever since I had read NickN's comments on simforum, I have lost all of my respect towards orbx.


Can't Believe It's Not NickN said...

Nice try Nick, I mean Bruce. How about you give it a rest? The rants of an embittered competitor have nothing to do with the upcoming launch of this lovely looking airport.

Back on topic, the texturing of the buildings and ground poly look beautiful, some of the best I've seen. Count me in :)

DSP said...

I didn't follow the discussions but heard rumors about some things going on with the ORBX crew.
Would you mind to send me some information or a link to the topic?

Mason Dominique said...

LOL :)


NickN (for nuts) said...

Don't buy this. Installing this will take over your FSX or Prepar3d (I wouldn't know about P3D as can't get GEX working on it so don't use it). If you want to uninstall this Bonners Ferry then as I mentioned in my brief blog post on our Flight1 forums, you may have to have an in depth knowledge of computing coding and also be able to pat your head whilst rubbing your belly at the same time. Looks good though

Yesterdays news said...

Nick, you are irrelevant and a has-been.

It is clear that you are more interested in damaging the reputation of any release (be that P3D, ORBX etc) with your half-truths and slander, than you are in developing a new piece of software that will contribute to the improvement of our hobby.

Fact: The publishers of your software have felt it necessary to publicly distance themselves from your recent comments.

Fact: One of the last bastions of FS petty slander, politics and intrigue; Avsim, have finally banned you.

Fact: You use numerous aliases and handles across the FS world to manipulate opinion and slander competing products.

Has everyone noticed that this BS is a one-way street? We read about the "rivalries" and "animosity" between various developers, yet it is clear to me that this always comes from one side and not the other.

How you still have any credibility in the community is beyond me. Put up or shut up.

Frederik Hagedorn said...

What I find amazing is how FTX Global destroys Orbx own library system. Try this:

Uninstall any airport or region from your Orbx collection.

If you do not have FTX Global installed already, install it.

Check FTX Central and you will see that everything seems normal.

Now install the scenery you uninstalled, let's say NA Blue Southern Alaska.

Now go back to FTX Central and be ready for the surprise, as it's now totally messed up and broken!

Bottom line, if you purchase FTX Global and choose to install any scenery that was released prior to FTX Global, it will totally break your FTX Central.

This seems very sloppy on Orbx's part and further demonstrates that FTX Global was a rushed product, one that wasn't properly tested either.

Aaron Graham said...

Just download and install the latest ORBX libraries - problem solved.

Truth 1 said...

The owner of FranceVFR wants nothing to do with ORBX either!! Look it up!!

Mark H said...

I am surprised that anyone from Shite1 owns a copy of P3D!

True Story said...

Aaron is right, it's been mentioned on the official support page for years that the ORBXlibs have to be (re)installed after any new scenery installation.

Xavierp said...

First time I am so upset of the community... First time I see people stupid enough to write in the name of somebody they are not. Clearly we hot many nick haters posting stuff I the name of that guy. I think adx should for something about this. If they need a mod they know how you contact me.

Barry said...

Have you guys ever noticed something that Orbx NEVER DOES???

Orbx never bags other developers products or belittle other developers.

This is in itself the mark of MATURITY, and something I hold them in great respect for, Orbx instead of trying to talk-dirty about a competitors product....simply makes a better product

Kudos to Orbx, and to Alex and Jim for this wonderful addition to the simulation world

Barry said...

Perhaps NickN should think twice before trying to piss on another companies product, he deserves everything he gets to be honest

Frederik Hagedorn said...

I think the airport designers have gone a bit overboard on the grass contour lines and the tarmac tint.



Orbx's tarmac looks way too dark and the grass seem very unnatural looking when compared with the real aerial view of this location.

Xavierp said...

Hey baby.
That s so true.
I love Orbx. I still think john should reply to f1 guy a comment

Flying Squirrel said...

I hadn't noticed this, but upon seeing the real view from above, it really does seem rather odd how Orbx have decided to model the airport and terrain. It doesn't look very realistic at all.

Armchair Critics said...

1. Seasonal variations
2. Raw unedited imagery (like your "comparison" shot from GE) looks like washed out shit in FSX.
3. As far as I know, one of the developers lives in Bonners Ferry and has worked at the airport for quite a while. I'd humbly suggest he knows a great deal more about the layout, changes in fields during different times of the year, than you do.

STOP WITH THE TROLLING. Before you post pointless (and uninformed) bashing, have a think about what effect this has on the individual developers. These guys have spoiled for months and months working on this project, it's a labour of love and to log on and read shite like this spurted every time ORBX or Carenado or any other team is enormously disheartening.

These guys are genuinely the top end of town. ORBX is a team much larger than one person (a fact often overlooked with the mindless bashing), so how about you stop with the hating and give it a rest?

Gypsy Pilot said...

Don't like, don't buy it.
As for me Orbx has turned my sim into something beautiful to fly over.
I haven't purchased Global yet because I fly PNW and Alaska and have no need for it. I am waiting for their NA Landclass addon before I make the jump.

Anders Halstæd said...

Some of these posts almost suggest one should feel some sort of empathy towards Orbx, oh yes, they work so hard etc.

The very least Orbx could have done with the release of FTX Global is alert everyone about DX10 incompatibilities and that FTX Global effectively cripples any DX10 installation.

Did they do this? No!

Did John Venema issue any apologetic statement for not doing so? No!

Has this been fixed since? No!

Does FTX Global provide a restore point? No!

Does FTX Global have a proper uninstaller? No!

So yeah, the whole compassion thing isn't going to happen. In fact I now no longer respect these guys for the above reasons. You want to charge US$ 90 for professional software, then you better make sure it's professional and not this what we have now.

Truth 1 said...

I agree, I really do think they have dropped there game with FTX Global.

I'm not saying it's a bad product but it was released unfinished.

I personally think that there other products are great but they seem to be getting a bit greedy now.

Most companies run with deadlines and yes I know software can always be delayed due to issues but if you are going to be a professional company how is it that projects are delayed because the developer of the project doesn't have time to work on it??

I am not knocking the developers skills because I think they do a fantastic job and I couldn't do it but ORBX are very happy to take our money for people who do this in there own time. How professional is that?

I just feel like they are squeezing more and more money out of us where there is no need to. Look at the up coming Northern Island, that should have been part of the UK pack. I think I read that it is going to be cheaper but come on! I have bought everything else but I think it stops here. I will still buy airports though.

I don't think that they are thinking of the customers like they used to, it's just dollars.

Again, I think they produce some very nice stuff but I just think they have dropped there game in the whole marketing plan side of things.

Mr. A said...

Oh get over yourself, these guys are not doing anybody any favours by producing payware products. This is business, pure and simple. Feel free to leave your ridiculous fanboy cheering at home next time.

Jim Robinson said...

Nice troll-fest here guys. Gotta love AirDailyX, the drive-by trolling capital of the world :)

Truth 1 said...

Where else can you express your disappointment with ORBX. If you try and express any disappointment on the ORBX forums your post gets deleted or the thread get shut down.

ORBX you need to start taking the bad with the good. You can't just keep listening to the good all the time. One way to boost your ego.

Jim Robinson said...

Just so you know, you just made a jab at some guy that lives in Idaho, has never met another Orbx developer in person, and just happens to be developing an airport on his home flightsim PC using knowledge that was mostly gleaned from fsdeveloper over the past 10 years or so.

This grand illusion you have that all the Orbx developers gather in a big office somewhere every morning and plot out ways to cut corners at the customers expense, monopolize the FS addon market, and back-stab the competition is utter nonsense and really shows just how little experience you have, not just with FS related things, but with the world in general.

As for taking the bad with the good, there are 23 replies here and I see 3 that are actually favorable toward my airport. The rest are from folks that to my knowledge have no beef with me personally, but for some reason feel compelled to give my airport a black eye because of my Orbx association. Trust me, we take more than our fair share of "the bad".

Mr. A said...

Any association with Orbx comes with a certain level of stigma. Just the way it is.

Ipeefreely said...

Alainneedle1 (aka Mr.A), are you having troubles getting it up?

Mr. A said...

I don't know who Alainneedle1 is but no, I'm actually having no problems in that aspect of my life. This is your way of disagreeing with my comments? Well done sir, you have put forth an amazing defence. Perhaps you are the one having the problems...

Truth 1 said...

For the record Jim, your work is fantastic - nothing is against you at all.

Misha Cajic said...

My goodness people...unbelieveable. It's a post about Jim's airport, what have your gripes against Orbx got anything to do with it?

Bruce said...

AirdailyX should be ashamed of itself

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