Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ADX FirstLook: MilViz Stuka!

P3D. We'll it looks like i'm back at it again with with yet another great MilViz product! Now the last time I took a look at a MilViz aircraft, I found myself stranded with a 737 in the middle of Germany with an empty fuel tank and no money. It's a long story... This time however, the MilViz team alerted me with a set of coordinates in Scotland  where I was told I would find something very unconventional! Anticipating the release of the Stuka, I made my way there with haste! So let's check out another high quality warbird from Military Visualizations!

Now as I said, I have been really anticipating this release. But what I didn't expect was the aircraft to look as good as it did. I'm not just talking about the modeling and texturing. I'm referring to the aircraft itself. This is honestly is one very good looking aircraft. And given the fact that I an a huge WW2 buff, this release really appealed to my inner WW2 enthusiasm bug. Hey, anyone here ever played the board game: Axes and Allies? Love that game!

Again, just walking around it, one can't help but admire the design. The Axis had some pretty cool toys in their arsenal! Our's was still better though...

Looking at the interior, I am reminded about just how high quality everything was back then. Now days, everything is plastic or carbon and the like. But here in the Stuka, there really is a since of cold hard and heavy metal. MilViz rendered everything so perfectly. Given the fact that I use the Thrustmaster Warthog which is a solid metal flight stick, I could almost vision myself in the tight and cold cockpit.

A very well done texture job! It looks very worn but also seems to say: "I can live forever" The modelers most have had access to the actual aircraft to get it this good. MilViz is a master of their craft!
Here we take a peak in the gunners seat. All that metal must have been murder on the ass. And the back for that matter. This is no first class seating area. But for what's worth, it's where all the action is!
 Nice gun! Damn i'm wishing for TacPac now!
 If you are wondering where the heck the radio stack is, you are looking at it!

I must say. The dive bombing was fun! But what I really didn't expect was just how much fun this aircraft is to fly. I mean honestly. After the review shots, I grabbed one of the included models that do not include the swastika and just went for a nice scenic cruise flight. It's very stable, get's good frames, and just looks so good.  It did take me a moment to figure how to get the systems working properly with my handy iPhone displaying the manual. But once I did, it was all fun from there.

The model depicted in this package is a highly detailed replica of its real-life counterpart and was created by using pictures, references and countless hours of testing. The quality shows.

Now you will need to follow proper procedures for the bomb to drop. However, the bomb will not destroy objects or AI aircraft. It's a total dud, bud. But you can have fun trying target practice!

Now if anyone is thinking this aircraft is solely for hardcore simmers, you are mistaken! Most anyone can get this bird in the air and dropping dud bombs in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend you RTFM but if you just can't be bothered with that, here is a video showing how you can quickly get her ready for her bombing runs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0xK9SYc_U4

Get your copy today and have some fun dives, and if you happen to tire of that, just take her out for a nice scenic cruise flight. You will enjoy yourself either way.

Get your copy here: http://www.milviz.com/fs/item.php?id=Ju-87
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