Monday, July 8, 2013

Tropical Sim : road map confirmed

FS9/FSX/PD3. Leandro has confirmed the next projects. After the huge Azores package, Tropical Sim will release Curaçao TNCC and a new version of Sao Paulo Guarulhos 2013. Another good news is  Punta Cana MDPC. We are updating the Billboard now.


Curaçao Hato Intl' TNCC 2013

São Paulo Guarulhos SBGR 2013


Punta Cana Intl' MDPC 2013

Lisbon LPPT
More on this team :


Midnight Music said...

I really like their sceneries and appreciate the fact that they are one of the few that are willing to upgrade their products. It's a great trend!

Ron Attwood said...

I can't access AVSIM Forums anymore. It says my IP is blocked. Anyone know what those ass clowns are up to?

Aaron Graham said...

LOL, I am also blocked.

Clowns at AVSIM...I like that description! Describes them pefectly! :D

pilot-from-movie-flight said...

LOL AVSIM is total down libary etc. Now every one get a boner while think they need the server for the 777.

+1 for Curaçao for FSX only

I . P. Threlie said...

AVSIM finally banned everyone. I can't get in either. The main site is slow too.

YoungpilotStein said...

fS9 & FSX +10 im so glad that they're working on the scenery of Curacao & Punta cana

Brian Simpson said...

I'm blocked too from the UK.

Airdaily can you look into this?

I know AVSIM have ridiculous moderation but this is taking the piss.

jap said...


Finally a decent Punta Cana scenery :D

Ron Attwood said...

I doubt AirdailyX cares if Avsim is banning everyone & falling over their own incompetence.

More guys should hang out here.

Andrew said...

Hey, look here:

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