Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Mig-21 Fishbed !

FSX. XHT team (Prague project) has a new member, Ivan "Aardvark" Jurcaga. His first project in XHT Labs ? The MiG-21 "Fishbed", a primary fighter in many air-forces around the world. Its development started in early 50's and it is still in use in significant number of countries...

More screenshots of this new project :


RedStar said...

For those interested, Mr. Jurcaga is the author of the excellent, very high quality freeware MiG-21MF for FSX (and I believe there is an FS2004 version a well).

I'm sure many here absolutely despise anything Russian, not to mention not being an airliner, but I encourage you to take a look at the existing FSX MiG-21MF...it's fantastic!

Rustam said...

"I'm sure many here absolutely despise anything Russian"

Mason, I insist on deleting this comment by RedStar - it's xenophobic and against a spirit of FS fellowship!!!

Again, I insist on this without any comments! Thank you in advance!!!

Mason Dominique said...

Yes but what a compliment to his skills.
I am shure he was not taking about russians
but rather pointing out its "government".

RedStar said...

I'm an advocate for Russian and Eastern European aircraft, and whenever I submit a bit of info/news elsewhere it's usually met with indifference, disapproval, or disgust due to the Russian nature of the aircraft. That's my experience with the flightsim community.
I however, love the planes, with the Project Tupolev Tu-154 being a favorite.
Just stating what I've been observing...

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