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Orbx Scotland Part 2 : airports compatibilty

FSX/P3D. A promised, some comparisons between UK 2000 airports (Edinburgh and Glasgow), with Orbx FTX EU Scotland.


UK 2000 has released Edinburgh Xtrem version in August 2012. So, both sceneries don't match really properly. Here, the airport ground and grass textures are much lighter than EU Scotland. On my opinion, you cannot ask Orbx developers to match their scenery with all previously existing addons. If so, technically, the final rendition would be simply ugly.
If Orbx EU Scotland becomes a reference, THE new standard in Scotland (and U-K) areas, then, airports developers will gradually adjust to this set of textures and colors.
You will see that Glasgow comparisons are much better and - hypothetically - Gary had the opportunity to see early shots of EU Scotland and had probably adjusted its textures... 

As a matter of fact, the only sad point about EU Scotland with Edinburgh is the conflict between a few buildings at the border of the airport. Zoom in here and see this large white hangar and the green one... Of course, i carefully checked that UK 2000 Edinburgh was above EU Scotland in my scenery Library.


Orbx is our advertiser, that's for shure, but i don't think it is anymore relevant to say "i am not buying EU Scotland because it doesn't fit well with my UK 2000 products". Just see these shots taken around Edinburgh and imagine how the region is enhanced, compared with FSX defaut...

Just 2 shots here to compare UK 2000 Edinburgh with EU Scotland at dusk.

Ok, here are some shots figuring a King Air on final approach, on the short runway 27. That will give you a good idea about how sceneries match. The fourth first shots are just to show you how EU Scotland can enhance the center of Glasgow city.



* * * * * 
Now on final approach


The runway is in sight and you can already compare both sceneries.






This one really gives you a good comparison. There is obviously this conflict on the superposed bridges but look around... everything is matching pretty good. 

Here too.

 That's it. Now it's up to you to judge and test. But i am confident that developers like UK 2000 will gradually adjust their airports at each new update. And for their own benefit.
Airdailyx, July 6th / DM



Gary G said...

UK2000 definitely needs the GENX scenery ground tiles for those with that scenery and an ORBX option for those using that. Only hesitation is that the seasons change with ORBX and it would be nice if the UK2000 team would be able to do something similar. I agree UK2000 would get a real sales boost if this was possible to update!

mfahey said...

Thank you for posting! Of course the purpose of this article is to show how Orbx and UK2000's Scotland offerings play together when simply installed on the one systems using each companies installer. But just for the tweekers - If you are comfortable disabling the three Orbix bgl scenery files for each airport you can avoid the duplication of buildings etc. and all works perfectly apart from slight colour mismatch.

ChromeFS said...

Interesting how Orbx has copped flack recently for making "postage stamp" sized photoreal areas around their airports but when you look at the UK2000 airports they don't even go beyond the airport fence! Whilst this may suit Horizon customers it sure leaves people using landclass scenery feeling short changed. At least Orbx airports have a minimum of 20-30km sq of photoreal surrounds as is their new policy.

But thanks for the blog post it definitely seems to work ok except for the coloring mismatch. It would not take Gary very time time at all to recompile his photoreal after 10 minutes of photoshop filter work to make it blend 100% but as you say it's his loss if he does not do it really.

Personally I don't like UK2000 airports, too basic, poor modeling and texturing and they feel very FS9 and lifeless. I am hoping Orbx do an EGPH, maybe by 29Palms? I am very much hanging out for EGHI which looks amazing already.

William „Whip“ Whitaker said...

You cant weight UK2000 up with ORBX. One a big major city Airports the other are only Airfields... UK2000 make some realy realy awesome Airports there are no poor texturing for the FPS you get there. We already get so mutch addons work together with simple tweaks.

Pirx said...

I think that UK2000 and ORBX might get some type of agreement, it should be good for both.

UK2000 airports need an update of textures colors so they fit better with OBRX landscape, and ORBX would get good airports avaible from now.

Althoung I like UK2000 work I won't buy any airport until they fit completely with the terrain around. They need an update.

AviatorMan said...

I'm with Pirx on this. I have ORBX England, Wales and Scotland, and they all look great. ORBX has gone far enough in my opinion to make their sceneries compatible with existing products, and now think it is time for the existing products to spend a little effort making their products compatible with ORBX textures to blend in. We don't want to forever hold back the quality and advances of a developer like ORBX just to fit in with existing products that mostly do not meet ORBX's quality. I would prefer to see more payware airports form OEBX.

p3 said...

I own every UK2000 airport and feel their quality is really close to FSDT and FlyTampa.

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