Wednesday, July 24, 2013

JetStream Designs Marseille released!

FSX/P3D. Here is the first scenery project from JetStream Designs! Not bad at all for a first project too! We haven't had a decent Marseille project since the Simwings version released years ago for FS9. Now we all can once again return to this lovely destination! Now available on Simmarket!
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AviatorMan said...

Is it ORBX compatible for autogen?

DAndre Newman said...

We will let you know in our FirstLook coming later today.

Stan said...

How a scenery could not be compatible with an autogen? ;D

JRSchiphol said...

I remember a scenery: Skiathos.

Had, and still have a lot of problems with ORBX autogen and Skiathos autogen.

spmflight said...

Is it compatible With France VFR ?

Chris said...

Quote Simmarket:
"Compatible with FranceVFR “Paca volume 2”"

DAndre Newman said...

Correct. The scenery comes with a separate folder to activate if you have Paca Vol.2

spmflight said...

Thanks you

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