Saturday, July 6, 2013

France VFR Lognes!

FSX. France VFR is back on airports, after all. The first one - for a very a long time -  Lognes Emerainville LFPL. Airport released on FVFR website.

Much more screenshots :
More détails on LFPL


Anonymizer said...

OMG a 777 just crashed at SFO!!!! Check CNN.

AutoRotationer said...

Well maybe one day the bright sparks at France VFR will update their website so one can browse the screenshots properly. At present a new browser window opens up every time you click on one, unlike here and at most "modern" websites, where screenshots appear in an overlay that can be navigated through use of the keyboard arrows.

Shakes head in disbelief.

Anonymizer said...

Yeah, their website urgently needs to be updated. It's kind of strange that they can create such good scenery, but don't allow for an easy navigation of their screenshots on their website.

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