Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drzewiecki Design still on Polish Airports

FS9/FSX. The Polish team is still working on Polish Airports vol.1 Version 3 improvements. Świdnik will be included with now, it's newest concrete runway. See the difference, from Google Earth to D.D. latest screenshot.
On Google Earth here above, the concrete runway is still not constructed.

Świdnik in Polish Airports Vol.1 Version 3. (WIP).
2 more shots here:


Frederik Hagedorn said...

Excuse me for being off top, but if you look at this here:


You will see:

July 2013

FTX Global Base Pack
PAJN Juneau for SAK
65S Bonners Ferry for NRM
EGHI Southampton Intl for ENG
NZQN Queenstown for NZSI

Tomorrow is the last day of July 2013 and so far only FTX Global has been released. Can we expect to have 4 releases in one day? Is there anyway Dom or D'Andre could get an update about the release date of these highly anticipated sceneries from Orbx please?

Hi said...

Quoted from JV: "That disclaimer over, here is the roadmap (all dates are *targets*, not actual committed release dates)".


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