Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another view of Southampton

FSX/P3D. Lars Pnkenburg has posted another preview of Southampton EGHI. A single shot, showing all the details we will be able to capture while landing on runway 20...
The high definition screenshot here !


Timmy74 said...

What is really starting to get to me is the lack of some kind of loyalty program at Orbx. I own just about every single Orbx scenery and there is nothing that is done on Orbx's part to show any sort of appreciation of my loyalty.

Slowly I'm starting to see Orbx as being overly greedy, as surely a loyalty program to offer some form of discount to customers like me is long overdue.

KLM737 said...

Words of wisdom, couldn't agree more.

Even Aerosoft has such a service with the Airbus X Extended and the Twotter Extended...

AutoRotationer said...

I agree with you 100%. I think that every major developer should offer discounts to loyal customers, so that for example if you own 2 sceneries the 3rd one you purchase is either discounted or sold with a discount coupon for your next purchase.

Unfortunately some developers do indeed strike me as being greedy by not offering this and I would put Orbx at the top of that list.

John Venema said...

Orbx greedy? LOL! Some history maybe ...

2008 Original FTX AU BLUE region - AU$60
2013 FTX AU LUE - AU$24.95 (less than half price)

2009 Combined FTX AU 4 regions - AU$199
2013 Combined FTX AU 4 regions - AU47.95 (Less than 25% of the original price)

2008 YMML Melbourne Intl Airport - AU$79.95
2013 EGHI Southampton Intl Airport - AU$32.95 (over 60% less)

So please tell me how Orbx has been greedy when in fact over the past 5-6 years we have continually lowered our prices to less than half of what they were years ago?

If you join you will get a 10% off code to use for Orbx at FSS. If you are a pensioner you get a 20% discount from Orbx direct.

And for many product launches we DO offer a loyalty discount to customer. The last region released was offered at 15% off for those customers who had also bought ENG and WLS. So tell me how that is not a loyalty discount?

Once again a blog post about an airport has turned into some anti-Orbx BS trollfest. It's getting really boring guys, find something else to bitch about.

noobhunter said...

The problem is that most of the people that bitch have nothing else to do and go over to sites like these to lose the frustration builded up inside. I learned that jurking off helps out but maybe they got bored with that as well.

I'm for one liking the fact that 29Palms is working on something for ORBX

Skyhawk said...

Aerosoft has a discount if you already own the base Airbus or the old Twotter. Do you already own an older Orbx Southampton? If so I'd like to buy it too

Mark H said...

Yes, how outrageous that someone air their point of view! If you two were women I'd assume you'd got the decorators in.

Captn BA said...

To Mr. VEnema

Sir, I think you are absolutely right! Im always satisfied when I buy your products and I agree that most of the time, there are discounts available....Peosple just got to understand that this fsx hobby is just expensive ....that's why some people get frustrated, and start bitching about pretty much anything... I have all your regions and all your non GA airports and will continue to support you and buy your products. People also got to understand you guys are tryin to make a livin with this fsx thing.

Continue the good work!


Timmy74 said...

Yes, greedy John! What's the point in quoting the price of a product that now costs AU$24.95, but originally cost me far more? How exactly does this now reduced price reflect on Orbx having offered me something that demonstrates your appreciation of my loyalty? It doesn't!

You have no loyalty program in place, it's as simple as that. If I were to now logon as a brand new customer too and purchase every single scenery you have ever created, it would cost me around EUR 1300 or over US$ 1600. Again, if I buy over 60 Orbx sceneries all at once, I get no reduction or discount whatsoever! Can you imagine walking into a car dealership and not getting some sort of discount if you were to buy 60 new cars of the same brand?

And calling a loyal customer a troll just adds insult to injury in my opinion.

You can spin it any way you want, but offering discounts here and there has nothing to do with having a loyalty program in place. And as you seem to think you do have some sort of loyalty program in place, I suggest you take a read here:

I'm sure that should help to clarify any misunderstanding of what such a program is and how it might be structured.

Anonymizer said...

I would agree with Timmy74. It does seem rather lame that Orbx does not offer any discount whatsoever if you were to buy all of their sceneries at once. I sure would like to see some sort of program as he mentions.

HighFlyer said...

You have a very good point my friend and as so often, John shows his arrogance in his reply.

John Venema said...

We don't have a loyalty program, never have, never will. Our prices are very competitive and priced absurdly low for the amount of work that goes into our products. We build loyalty through the quality of our products offered at a reasonable price.

There's nothing to be gained by banging your fists on the table and demanding a loyalty program because that's just not going to happen. Too much of the instant gratification generation BS going on here guys, and I doubt very much whether anyone has ever purchased all of our products in one hit.

I love Apple products, have most of them, buy all their latest gear religiously. But they don't have a loyalty program, and their stuff isn't even the cheapest on the market. I buy IKEA furniture, love it, buy lots of it, but I don't use their loyalty card because their prices are competitive and their quality first rate. Should I go on?

And yes, I'm arrogant, and don't put up with BS. Deal with it.

mfahey said...

I have plenty of Orbx scenery too. It hasn't crossed my mind that they are greedy in any way. I can think of may times that they have offered incentives for loyal customers. An example being a free airport when buying others in the region etc. I actually think they offer really outstanding value for money, i get months and years enjoyment out of each product which costs less than a lunch out with friends. The measure of enjoyment per $ is amazing value!

LRW said...

There is a loyalty program of sorts. As long as we keep buying their products, they will keep producing more of them. I have spent over US$900 on Orbx products over the past 2 years, and I will spend another $100 or so very soon (hopefully in the next week). I purchased many of the Orbx titles during sales months (including things I wouldn't have bought otherwise). But with or without sales, the products are a either good value at the price or they aren't. If I didn't think that I received good value for my money then I wouldn't continue to buy them. I don't understand the perspective of repeatedly buying products from a company and then complaining about the cost of future products. When I decide to do something, I do it based on the best information that I have at hand. I don't make decisions based on what I wish or hope might happen in the future. If you purchased all of those products because you hoped that you would receive a future reward, then I'd say you should rethink your buying strategy.

­ said...

Might as well complain to all the other FS companies that don't have a loyalty program. lol

Commander-AUT said...

"Once again a blog post about an airport has turned into some anti-Orbx BS trollfest. It's getting really boring guys, find something else to bitch about."

And you did an exemplary job, to keep customers deviated from topic, John!

The real point timmy made isn't regarding greediness, but his words could be a hint that saturation of consumption reaches fs markets, partly.

Sadly, you didn't spend one second about his motives, how much sceneries he had purchased, or how ongoing justification at home could look like, if someone places so much money into flightsimulation.

If any loyal supporter starts reflecting about prices, I'd being all ears and stop taking valuable feedback personally (even though you do not agree with the "BS";)).

Todd said...

I think it's time for some kiddies to go out and earn some cash instead of demanding discounts and 'loyalty programs'. Back to the flippin' scenery, it's looking gangbusters.

Boomboomboom said...

Timmy74, you are a spoilt little cock

Developerhadenough said...

You disappoint me Timmy74, as a developer working here for months and months on little or no pay, to hear your selfish little whining and moaning just about takes the cake

Orbx is not a fucking charity, it is a publisher of projects made by individuals, and I can tell you sometimes we barely pay the power bill, let alone the gas bill

Timbo said...

This entire thread is depressing.

ChromeFS said...

EA just announced that all their next-gen titles will increase from £39.99 to £54.99 claiming increased development costs.

Orbx have steadily reduced their prices over the past few year in direct contrast to the interactive entertainment industy.

So who's greedy now?

By the way, back ON TOPIC!! Fantastic details in the EGHI approach Lars, top stuff and I am a day-1 buyer for sure.

John Lovell said...

As a regular down my local boozer, I can drink a few kegs of beer there... so I asked the landlord, because I drink way more beer than the average punter, am I entitled to a loyalty beer discount.... The landlord asked me... "do you enjoy sex and travelling?".... to which I replied "yes".... to which he replied..."well, fuck off then"

But seriously... for most developers, it's not a 9 to 5 job... it's a passion for their hobby and art. lots of their 'free time' go into producing these amazing sceneries.... leaving precious time with family, kids etc on the back burner. I think they deserve some praise, thanks and respect.

Just saying

Xavierp said...

I guess we should have a hater post somwhere.
That way, people looking for information on products such as me don't have to put up with the frustation of some people.
this is a southampton thread and this is what should be discussed about.
Regarding the loyalty program...
Airdailyx as an independant blog could have an open space where such things could be discussed...
Airdailyx is a place I love as it s an opened blog.
Hopefully we make it stay that way.
I am sure the staff will make this happen.

Let's get back on topic

Screenshot is amazing, as any scenery developped by lars, I will buy.
Coupled with orbx... this is a one day purchase.
Now if they could just develop isle of wight ... (as planned before announcing sales were not good enough)... this would be amazing.

keep up the good work lars

u have my support

Justin Simmerland said...

I hope you get banned and your computer has a catastrophic failure.

Timmy74 said...

Is that the best you got?

Timmy74 said...

That little whining noise must be your PC and as for the moaning, you should check elsewhere around your house ;-)

Nobody ever suggested they are a charity and I know I have a very valid point. The fact that Orbx has no loyalty program in place and confirmed to have no desire to put one in place confirms their greed.

Can you imagine buying car after car at the same dealership and not being given a discount of some sorts after x number of purchases?

Timmy74 said...

Yes, lets compare beer consumption with software purchases.

You must be Scandinavian, Icelandic, or just plain dumb.

Jason Mableton said...


Agreed said...

Agreed totally. Trolls are ruining this place, just like they (and half the moderating team and Tom) ruined avsim.

I would love nothing better than an individual user-block option on the new ADX website, so I don't have to read the drivel from clowns like P3 and Timmy74.

To Clarify said...

Timmy, whilst there isn't a loyalty program, there are plenty of options for a loyal customer such as yourself to save quite a bit of money in the long term:

1. OzX 10% discount (this alone would be comparable to most loyalty programs)
2. Occasional discounts and offers, such as the recent UK promo.
3. Permanent price reduction for any product older than 12 months old.
4. Seniors discount (though this obviously doesn't apply to you!).

So to clarify, there are plenty of ways for someone in your position to save a nice amount of money in the long term. Unfortunately in a niche industry such as ours and margins are slim at the best of times.

Geoffrey said...

Timmy, I don't know where you live but I've never heard of a car dealership rewards program. I would be hard pressed to call flightsim developers greedy. They know how little money there is to be earned, if they wanted to make it big they wouldn't be here

Timmy74 said...

Nobody is ruining anything. If you don't like my comment or are too weak to stomach fair criticism and opinions directed at a developer, grab your remote and tune into a distraction more palpable for your needs.

It's comments like yours that are the ones that are really pathetic, as you have nothing constructive to offer.

Agreed said...

Mate, stop with the insults.

You have so far made one fair suggestion/comment, albeit one capped with an insult. Everything else you have said have been insults, retorts and half-truths.

If you are fair dinkum, we'd all love to hear:
a) what you'd propose as a fair loyalty program? It's already been stated from ORBX that there won't be one, but we are yet to hear a more substantive suggestion from your end.
b) You have yet to respond in any meaningful way to the suggested discount options already available to you. Do you make use of these already? Are you genuinely interested in saving some money, or are you more interested in having a go?

Perhaps if you were more diplomatic in your tone, you'd find a much more willing ear for your comments.

TimH said...

Timmy74, I suggest you quit now mate, you have insulted enough people already with your rude comments, please also consider the project you are posting on here, the developer of this airport did not deserve this crap, so just stop OK

­ said...

Have a fap.

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