Sunday, July 7, 2013

2:18 mn : the making-of Elstree

[Development]. How Orbx has developed Elstree airport and what it takes to design it... incredible...

Upload the video here :


PGB said...

nicely done!

Pirx said...

ORBX should create and sell a tutorial about how they create quality sceneries, something with videos, resources, pdf... and all that. I would buy it for sure. You know, something good to start with in the world of creating sceneries.

Pirx said...

I didn't say it before. Russ has created a lovely airport.

I purchased it some days ago. Lovely buildings, surroundings and many static planes, and the airport itself is trully beautiful, with that taxi zones and the tower. You have to change things at the config menu, but it's OK.

Great airport to fly with small airplanes.

Developer said...

Oh really? Why would they do that?

H said...


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