Sunday, June 23, 2013

Southampton !

FSX/P3D. Lars Pinkenburg (Orbx) unveils the first shots of Southampton Intl EGHI, co-developped with A first custom designed mid-size airport for FTX Eu England.
! Massive discount on some British products here :
Scotland product page now ready :

More screenshots :


xavierp said...

This is WOW.
Will purchase this for sure.
Hope it shows orbx s-they have to keep developping for the area.
Great work.
That would had been so much fun to fly from there to Isle of wight
Too bad they won't be releasing it.

Dave W said...

I am probably in the minority but I will definitely be buying this add on - I live barely 10 miles from this airport and regularly "fly" from it! I will be very happy when this is released!

Golden Star said...

Lars! Great work!

Gkouzgkounis said...

Is this the 29Palms Lars or that's another one?

123 said...


Sid said...

Wow! A no brainer. Going to be a masterpiece if Lars is doing it! Hope they use him on FTX Global airport add-ons in the future...I'm sure I'd buy any one of them. His work in Greece shows he's perfect for the job and sales of such airports. Just thinking aloud so to speak.

Thanks for the update on the shots Dom! Incredible!

AviatorMan said...

I don't think you are in the minority. This is the category of UK airport that I have been waiting for, and from what I read in the forums, a lot of other people as well.

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