Monday, June 24, 2013

Revised 2013 Orbx Product Roadmap!!

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted an updated product roadmap outlining upcoming releases month by month for the remainder of 2013. In my opinion, there is some very exciting stuff ahead. Northern California, Yakutat, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Bozeman, Narvik, Aberdeen, FTX Global, and on, and on, and on. Check it out inside.

The roadmap as posted by John Venema on the developers forum:
June 2013

FTX EU SCO Scotland
CBB7 Tipella BC for PNW (Freeware)

July 2013

FTX Global Base Pack
PAJN Juneau for SAK
65S Bonners Ferry for NRM
EGHI Southampton Intl for ENG
NZQN Queenstown for NZSI

August 2013

YBTH Bathurst for AU BLUE
CityScape Canberra for AU BLUE
EGML Damyns Hall for ENG
EGTF Fairoaks For ENG
S93 Cle Elum for PNW
FTX Global openLC Baltics Demo (Freeware)

September 2013

FTX EU NIR Northern Ireland Region
EGKL Deanland Lewes for ENG
EGPB Sumburgh for SCO
KVOU Pearson Field for PNW
PAYA Yakutat for SAK
PAEN Kenai for SAK
VICTA Airtourer Aircraft

October 2013

NA NCA Northern California Region
EGCW Welshpool for WLS
ENNK Narvik Norway for FTX Global

November 2013

KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone Intl for CRM
EGPD Aberdeen for SCO
VANS RV4 Aircraft

December 2013

FTX EU IRL Ireland Region
NZAA Auckland Intl for NZNI
FTX Global openLC worldwide coverage (we may release various openLC regions of the world beforehand though)
Other FTX Global addons, airports etc

See the actual forum thread - click here (Forum membership required)


HighFlyer said...

YBTH Bathurst for AU BLUE coming 2010, no really, I'm serious, it's 3 years overdue, see for yourself ;-)

Anonymous said...

The rate of orbx releases is simply way too fast IMO. This is one of the reasons I have lost most of my interest in these products. I simply can't keep up, so can't my wallet.

Anonymous said...

Pretty dull line up.

Delta Flier said...

Great to finally see the Republic of Ireland getting some attention. We've a really big FS base over here, so it'll be really good to finally get a region covering us and maybe get some small airfields such as Weston, or maybe small regionals such as Kerry, Knock, Donegal, Galway and Waterford... =D

Sid said...

"Other FTX Global addons, airports, etc." "worldwide coverage of open LC" Gonna be nice to exercise the wallet around Christmas and thereafter.

In the meantime there's some pretty amazing stuff coming...starting with June and July which just have some amazing things happening. On second thoughts, the wallet's already crying...kind of tears of joy I suppose. It is going to be hard to keep up but there's things I'll definitely be getting in each of those months and then fill the rest in as I can, as I'm behind as it is. Nice roadmap, the end of which (end of year I mean, not end of entire roadmap) I'm particularly looking forward to :-)

Todd said...

Pretty exciting line up. But I'll have to pick and choose too. Can't afford them all.

JamesDT said...

KVOU should be KVUO

Rick Harms said...

As a local to the Vancouver Canada region, 99% of my simming is done western Can/Us. I hope to see more airports here. Kelowna (CYLW) would be a nice on to see done by these guys. Also Langley and Pitt Meadows.

Seems to me by some of the statements in one of JV's posts, the NA regions seem to be the most popular. We have some of the best scenery in the world here in B.C. and Washington state. I just wish we could see more 737 friendly airports in the PNW area.

Andreas Paul said...

In other news: They won't make an FTX EU Netherlands version due to the quality of NL2000. They will, however, announce a new region shortly.

Jap said...

Juneau and Yakutat !!!YES YES YES YES YES YEEEES!

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