Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Orbx Freeware Tipella - More Shots

FSX/P3D. Gordon Madison of Orbx has posted another preview set from Tipella (CBB7). From the looks of it, this little British Columbia airstrip is going to be quite a challenge! The airport is getting very near release. See inside for more.

Orbx Freeware Tipella (CBB7):

See more on the applicable preview thread - click here


Unknown said...

Can't wait for this. Since I have not been to Tipella in real life, is there an actual SPB there and will this scenery add that to the list of SPB's in FSX?

Prop Strike said...

There's no SPB in reality in Tipella. It was added I believe to allow for some variety for float plane operations, making it more inclusive for the majority of users.

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