Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One Shot - Orbx Vans RV4 EFIS

FSX/P3D. One last item from yesterdays massive Orbx update - the Vans RV4. The developer has posted one close up shot of the Electronic Flight Information System screen. The real life system designed by Advanced Flight Systems is to be implemented into Orbx' rendition of the aircraft. Release sometime before Christmas. Take a closer look inside.

Orbx Vans RV4 EFIS screen:

See yesterdays full update from Orbx - click here

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Rustam said...

"Release sometime before Christmas"... Don't want to troll or start yet another useless discussion but, well, it's quite a considerable time for an aircraft with visual model (almost?) complete. I expect a full featured systems simulation and FDE then... Unlike the Lancair from the same developer.

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