Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Shot - MilViz 737-200!

FSX. "It's coming soon(ish)" per Military Visualizations. This thing looks really damn good...that is all I have to say.

Military Visualizations Boeing 737-200:

See the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

the textures look outstanding.

Unknown said...

I've been interested in a 737-200 for some time now, but I just can't pull the trigger on the Captain Sim model. I have their 727, and like it, but something is holding me back with the other. Anyway, this looks great, and can't wait to see some more.

Anonymous said...

That looks really breathtaking.

BTW: Engimasim has posted a new teaser.
Maybe someone of the team can post it.

Unknown said...

Its very nice indeed ! And it have a FMC, that's great for the simmers who fly online

Anonymous said...

We already have the PMDG 737-NGX series. I don't understand the purpose in producing a variant of an aircraft we already have. Why don't they concentrate more on things like the King Air 350i they are making, something that nobody has made so far for FSX?

Mark Smith said...

Actually,we do need this plane. I for one will fly the aircraft as it first came out, with VORs, and yes online too.
No glass cockpit for me, that's my choice. Steam gauges and a basic auto pilot. The Sperry 77 is also modeled as well as the 177 with FMC. SO there is a choice. Enjoy the NGX for those who want it, and now there is an option for those who prefer different than glass and autoland.

Tim Harris said...

I pre-ordered this, the moment I saw the gravel pack: sold

Being a bush pilot, this is like the ultimate test!

Anonymous said...

Although the cockpit is perfect for any 200 variant, the old engine pylons are being used which I think is unfortunate. I understand they will not change this. These aircraft operated over 80% of their lives with the modified ones not the old ones. The liveries they show look funny with the old design, they never operated them that way...

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