Friday, June 21, 2013

Norilsk : a first video!

FSX. Aerosoft beta team has uploaded a first video of Norilsk Alykel UOOO (Icao) Russian airport. A 2,39 mn footage.


Daniel San said...

The scenery seem to cover a vast area around the airport. Looks very very nice but I'd rather see someone working on Moscow airports, specially UUDD.

Don Mac said...

Man, a squadron on Mig 25's would look great taking off from there!

will have to settle for an Airbus, or the great An-2 Colt!

Nothing to see here said...


Always do the main hubs before you do the regional airports. Unfortunately Moscow has 3 airports so this sort of complicates things.

Søren Veje said...

Hey Daniel San

For UUDD there's already a great 2013 FREEWARE scenery, and i don't think a payware is around the corner for that airport... :

This 2013 FREEWARE scenery was also announced on AEROSOFTs SIM NEWS :

UUWW & UUEE is also made from the same FREEWARE all three major airports in Moscow are made for FSX in good quality ;-)

UOOO payware still looks like an upgrade of the freeware - but i'll buy it, that's for the russian developers - FREEWARE & PAYWARE, becuz they're good, very very good.... ;-)


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