Friday, June 14, 2013

MCA Designs NA Airstrips Vol.1 Update!

FSX/P3D. MCA Designs has released an update (v1.1) to the wonderful North America Airstrips Vol.1 scenery package. The update includes several improvements as well as some scenery fixes - some of which were based on our first look article! Great to see a developer respond so constructively to feedback. Very much looking forward to volume 2... See inside for more information, change log, and some new screenshots.

For those of you not familiar with the scenery package, see our first look article - click here

Update information and change log as posted on the developers forum thread:
Changes in the v1.1 update:

New Features:
  • Sharpened textures on clutter and rocks.
  • 4x higher resolution apron area at 95OR Flournoy Valley.
  • Extra bushes and shrubs added at 95OR Flournoy Valley.
  • A few autogen houses replaced with higher performance custom models.
  • Teal coloured roads at 95OR re-coloured to a more natural colour.
  • Some autogen fixes and tweaks.
  • Minor elevation adjustments at 98TE Hilltop for a smoother sloping runway.
PLEASE NOTE: TO SEE THE APRON AT 95OR AT ITS FULL NEW RESOLUTION, YOU MUST SET YOUR TEXTURE MAX LOAD IN THE FSX.CFG TO AT LEAST 2048 (1024 is the default). Also note that if you apply this edit and then change any display settings in FSX, the Texture Max Load will automatically reset to 1024. So FSX users should make sure they have got their display settings set up the way they like them BEFORE they edit the Texture Max Load to 2048. Prepar3D Users do not need to worry about this, since the TML can be set to stay at 2048 in the display menu of P3D.

Some new screenshots:

See the official update release thread for download instructions - click here


Snijboon said...

If there were Oscars for scenery design, he would surely get one.

DAndre Newman said...

Yes Misha is super talented! I have already seen a bunch of development previews from the upcoming Vol.2 package. Its all very impressive and includes sime really good texture baking methods. It looks damn real! You guys are going to love it!

Misha Cajic said...

Wow, that's flattering, thank you very much :)

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