Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lajes : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D (FS9 coming next week). So this is it. The last airport from the Tropical Sim Azores islands project. Lajes LPLA is a military airport with a long runway (more than 10,700 feet) and a modern civilian terminal. The Brazilian team (Bilbao, Antigua, Aruba..Azores..) has designed all the buildings around the airport and approximately 20 % of the island (airport surroundings). Although some ground textures are questionnable in term of resolution, terminals are highly detailed and the scenery included hundreds of houses and buildings.


Azores mega project : last update from Tropical Sim :

So we are almost 100% done on the Project Azores, with a few things still needed. Here is what will be released:
- LPLA Lajes FSX/P3D: Released (will be updated with Terceira island VTP work)
- LPLA Lajes FS9: To be released within a week
- Azores #3 FS9/FSX/P3D: To be released within a week (features Graciosa, Horta and Lajes)
- The Azores FS9/FSX/P3D: To be released within a month (All 9 airports in one pack). This one will take a little longer to be released as there are buildings that was under construction at Pico airport that we will now be making in their final form. This also means, Pico airport single, and Azores #1 will both be updated with the new buildings

Version tested :  FSX
File size : 49 MB
Installation : Very easy. The scenery must be activated manually in the scenery manager.
Framerate : very friendly : more than 30 fps (processor I7 / 3,4 GHz / 6 MB / Geforce GTX 650 TI
Windows Seven 64 bits, FSX sliders : almost all at 100 % except weather and traffic).





















Official screenshots from Tropical Sim forum here :
Airdailyx, June 30th 2013 / Our own screenshots /
Taken with a Geforce GTX 650 TI /high quality settings.


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Im sorry, but the ground textures are not up to todays standard :/

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