Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fortaleza very soon

FSX. Paulo Ricardo's next scenery will be Fortaleza in the North-East of Brazil. It will include Pinto Martins SBFZ Intl airport. If you already know Paulo's mega scenery Rio - Sao Paulo, imagine the amount of détails in this scenery...

Update from Paulo Ricardo :

Paulo is still working on a few things, including an AI ship connection. The scenery might be released in a few weeks.

Much more screenshots :

Fortaleza location


Airlifter said...

I have both his Mega Sao Paolo and Mega Rio scenery and they are unbelievable! Especially Mega Rio is a true gem with an increadible fps performance. In my opinion on of the best scenery addons available!

Daniel San said...

Fortaleza/Brazil, one of the FIFA Confederations Cup and FIFA 2014 World Cup host cities.
Amazing preview pics!!! I own many of Paulo's sceneries and am sure this will be another winner.

Sid said...

This is excellent news indeed. I have long been contemplating Paulo's Brazil sceneries on Simarket, particularly Rio de Janeiro (screenshots and vids of which look beautiful), just didn't know what genuine customers thought of it and after reading the first two, I think I'm going to jump in and get Rio first, before this is released.

With FTX Global around the corner, I think Brazil is one of the many places I'm going to need airports and cityscapes for and this seems to be right up Paulo's alley and talents. So, more now Paulo...lots more please.

Airlifter, Daniel, ADX chaps...Anyone know:

1) What's the Sao Paulo scenery like?
2) If I do get the Rio package, What's the best Rio de Janeiro International airport out there to complement & compatible this Rio scenery?

Giorgio Bernardes said...

I ´ve bought all Paulo´s sceneries.
No regret !
The latest tropical sim sbgl Works fine with mega rio 2012
Take a look at youtube his videos , look for
Enjoy it !
it really worths each cents.

Daniel San said...

São Paulo is fantastic. The scenery is huge(full of details, lots of 3d buildings and high res photoscenery) and incredibly easy on frames.

As for Rio I believe the best international airport is Tropicalsim's SBGL although I don't have it.

Go get Paulo's sceneries. You won't regret!

Daniel San said...

Wanna see some pics of São Paulo, Sid? Take a look here:

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy the Sao Paulo scenery?

Sid said...

Thanks a lot Daniel! I'll take a look at that link. And thanks for the info! Really appreciate it.

Just took a look...The city looks great and that airports pretty legendary...should make for some hairy bad-weather landings. Hope the photoscenery doesn't stretch out too far so I can use it reasonably well with FTX Global. But I think I will definitely go for it once I've seen what Global looks like here. I'll probably get Rio before that though so thank you so much for the opinion and your feedback and link. It really helped and I appreciate it Daniel.


Sid said...

Thanks so much Giorgio...I've just watched the vid...Fascinating. I'm not sure how much photoscenery is there around the cities (hopefully not too much) but these Brazilian cities look impressive and immersive to the locations. I'd love to visit Brazil for the next Olympics as I've never been but I think this Paulo Ricardo Rio will do nicely until then. Also, good to here its compatible with the Tropical sim scenery. Perhaps someone like LatinVFR, Flightbeam or Orbx will even do an updated one someday. We can but dream...never say never. I'm sure theirs a decent market in South America. Thanks both Daniel & Giorgio,

Kind regards, Sid

Sid said...

I think on Simarket Anon. Think its included in the Rio mega pack or something. Perhaps Daniel or Giorgio will know better though.

Daniel San said...

I'm not sure if São Paulo is included in the Rio Pack.
You should get in touch with Paulo to confirm. I bought it saparetely, but is was a long time ago.

Daniel San said...

Any time!

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