Thursday, June 20, 2013

Emerald Scenery Design Tetiaroa Atoll Avail!

FSX. Emerald Scenery Design has released Tetiaroa Atoll - the first payware scenery from this upcoming developer! The scenery package covers the 4.5 mile wide Atoll consisting of 12 small islands. Certainly looks to be an interesting release, looking forward to testing this one. See inside for some official release shots.


The product is current available from PC Aviator Australia.

See the developers Facebook page for product purchase link - click here


Snijboon said...

7,50 is not a lot of money. But the quality of the textures as seen in picture 1 is just not of this time. Which makes even 7,50 too expensive.

Chris J said...

I agree...perfect location...perfect location...but those ground textures are ancient and stop me buying...otherwise its decent. Up the price some and improve the texture/ground quality and I'll buy in a heartbeat. Be great to fly to French Polynesia from Oz/NZ.

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