Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ASA Bangkok VTBS part 1 : our own screenshots

FSX (FS9 in two weeks!). Tic Jirayu Tanabode has released its new version of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi VTBS, eight months after Armi project own work. Armi and Tic developed a first common version in 2008...

 Screenshot taken with a Nvidia GTX650 / high quality settings





















Airdailyx / June 12th 2013




CJWJ said...

Bought this scenery, a little disappointing on the frames side, but otherwise, excellent value for such a product.

Waiting for AES support.....

Anonymous said...

What are exactly the differences etween this and the Armi 2010 scenery. They look similar to each other?

Anonymous said...

There will be another series of Bangkok City. The city is big and take a lot of time to do.
Please take a look at this[]

Vol 1= Suvarnabhumi Airport
Vol 2= Don Mung Airport
Vol 3= Bangkok City

Best Regards,
Asian Airport Sceneries

Mason Dominique said...

We are working on a comparison this evening !

Sid said...

Thanks so much Dom...that's really great news. Will look out for it as very interested in the overall thoughts and comparison.

That's also wonderful news AA that you'll be doing the Vol 3, the city of Bangkok itself. I'm really very excited about that! Please take your time in getting it looking as much like the look & feel of Bangkok as is feasible and to your expectations. I'm definitely in the market for a decent Bangkok city. Good luck indeed with the continual improvements in quality, techniques and performance. I'll probably end up buying this to support your work as with FTX Global around the corner, the huge landmass of Asia's in need of a lot of serious loving so it can be opened up for GA exploration, long haul and regional flights. Hoping it'll all be compatible together somehow with Global. I'll definitely check out those fs developer links a bit later so thanks for the heads up. Good luck once again.

Looking forward to the reviews but certain it'll at least make it into one of my sims at this time if all's working fine.


Anonymous said...

There was a FS2004 rendition of VTBD by Prasong on Thaiflight which was brilliant for freeware quality, amazing textures

Jens said...

Thx ADX, that's what I call a perfect service!

Anonymous said...


Daniel San said...

What I really want to know is how it performs. Armi Project's version is heavy on frames and it was made by the same guy who's made this new version. So a comparison between the two sceneries is very welcome.

Sid said...

Dom says they're working on one Daniel so I expect we'll see a comparison/review soonish.

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