Saturday, June 1, 2013

Akesoft is back !

FSX. News from the Spanish team. A few projects cancelled but new ones to be released soon !

A new scenery airport almost done : La Cerdanya LECD

Communique from Akesoft :
Scenery pack La Cerdanya-X + Lleida-X V2

Lleida Airport V 2 not an upgrade, it is a totally new, the land has 3 times the resolution, the terminal has the correct dimensions, precise modeling is developed with the latest techniques in texturing, also has incorporate novelty scenery of La Cerdanya (LECD) that is very close to La Seo d'Urgell (LESU) in the heart of the Pyrenees, the sensation of flight is very real and enjoyable. LECD-X will feature seasonal textures on all objects, good definition in textures,  for FS2004 and FSX.

After launching Santander-X, an airport in northern Spain, which for years is not updated in the simulators, is in advanced stage, all objects are modeled and textured, so.lo lack terrain and land, the intention is also be payware.

SEVILLA-X, unfortunately broke one of the hard drives and lost all the work, but we are again with sevilla (the misfortune visited us).

HONDARRIBIA-X : We have hope that we'll get a final push soon.

ASTURIAS-X, is in first phase of the development, calibration and modeling.

In conclusion :

La Cerdanya X is very close to release.  Akesoft plans to finish Granada and Santander this year.

Thank you very much !

La Cerdanya airport
Akesoft is also working on a second version of Lleida (ICAO = LEDA)   the new low-cost base airport in Catalonia :

More shots of La Cerdanya :




Anonymous said...

When you look at the 3rd last screenshot, it makes you wonder what the real-world airport designer were smoking when they designed it with those colours.

Anonymous said...

Looks good, especially the price :)

Pirx said...

Akesoft deserves all our thanks for the great airports they create in Spain. And Lleida new version is looking very, very good. Hope to make soon quick flights from Barcelona or Mallorca. I hope that those ortophotos will join smoothy the general scenery of FSX/P3D.
Nice to know that Cerdanya is in development too, to fly propellers and small planes on it, an visit Pirinees.

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