Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aerosoft Twin Otter X - More Progress

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft has posted another update today regarding the upcoming Twin Otter X Extended. The airstairs have been installed and soon on to the interior. Getting closer and closer this one... Take a look at some more captures inside.

 Aerosoft Twin Otter X Extended Progress:

See the latest page of the official preview thread - click here


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather they focused on realism as oppose to eye candy. Maybe it's just me though :(


Dixie Normous said...

What exactly is unrealistic to you?

Anonymous said...

silence, troll.


Unknown said...

Perhaps we should wait until its done before we speculate the lackk of realism. I think by now they know what the people want, both realism junkies and eye candy junkies. I'm sure they won't dissapoint!

Awah Tana Siam said...

After the Catalina and the Bronco I cant bloody wait for this, Finn and the team need to pull the finger out :)

Dixie Normous said...

No I'm serious. What is oh so unrealistic to you? Specifics please.

Finn said...

Have You ever taken the time to watch the 3 videos I made, showing startup and run-up procedures ?

And the coninuation (wit gauge peak fix):


It´s really hard to åæease everyone. Some plea for more screenshots and updates on external / internal appearance, while others want more info on realism and features.

We try really hard to please everyone, but that cannot be done orderly in single posts.

Finn Jacosben
(Aerosoft developer)

Dixie Normous said...

Unfortunately Finn, some people post statements without educating themselves on the product they are critiquing. A sad and growing trend in this community.

But you have my support, the Twin Otter looks amazing inside and out, and looks to please me visually, and in realism, and I will be a day 1 customer to take her to Saba!

Anonymous said...

Hey finn,

Don't get me wrong, the plane looks really great and i am certainly not one to judge as i am not even a PPL. I just saw a couple of complaint regarding the realism of the engine displays during various flight operations (mainly at start-up).

The plane looks great as it is and I am going to purchase it when it's released (unless the reviews be abysmal)


Awah Tana Siam said...

p3, so you based your opinion and statement on something someone else said? are you really that... shallow and sheeplike?


Finn said...

No sweat :-)...

The issues noted from the first video has been listened too and fixed - see the startup on video 2.


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