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ADX FirstLook: MSK Gilgit!

FSX/P3D. Sorry this took so long folks. Busy Saturday for us and our families. Well to be honest, this appears to be MSK's best work to date. The developer has managed to capture the region almost perfectly. And what's even more exciting about this scenery is the extremely difficult approach. Leave your NGX's at home. So whereas we do like the scenery, we did encounter some issues you might want to be aware of before you make a purchase. It's very cold up here so bring your jacket, cause we are going to Gilgit!

Now as I already mentioned, we do like the scenery but first let's talk about the issues. We will start with Mark with the FSX shots and i'll follow up in P3D.


So I decided not to continue with my portion of this "AirDailyX First Look" after loading the scenery for the very first time. There are some very serious mesh issues at both the airport and heliport. Basically, at the airport your aircraft will sink underground...and at the heliport, the takeoff area is sunken. Quite difficult to properly describe so please see the below captures for the big white elephants in the scenery...


To me, the runway and heliport mesh issues are no go items. I cannot really move forward until these issues are rectified. But please don't get me wrong, this scenery actually looks very good. I was impressed as I slewed around the surrounding scenery and taxied about the airport tarmac area where there is no mesh issue.

This is by far the best work I have ever seen from the developer less the massive yet easily fixable no go mesh items. Obviously, as of now, I cannot recommend this scenery as both D'Andre and I experienced the exact same issues. If everyone will experience these mesh anomalies I'm not sure, but, I suspect many will. When my aircraft is sinking underground my immersion factor is destroyed and the value of the scenery is negated. However, when patched, this will be a nice piece of work.

One last note in respect to some of the comments regarding blurry mountains - they are actually quite good and certainly not low resolution.

Anyways, hope this gets fixed soon so I can really experience this promising scenery!


As Mark already explained, there is a major mesh issue with the runway. This is how things looked when starting out. We had to slew up to get above it. But it is not hardened at all.

In the above shot you now see both runway layers.

Lets move on to the heliport.

Very nice static Blackhawk. So these are the problems we found. Let's now look at what we liked.
Great atmosphere! Custom trees and volumetric grass!

All custom terrain photoreal textures and autogen. Well done.

Very difficult approach!! This will be much fun once the runway issue is fixed!
You can see the photo-terrain vs default in the background. The developer maybe should have covered the background in photoreal as well... But I understand that it can come out a bit blurry with it being so far away/
The photo-textures are quite sharp. Not blurry as we were led to believe in the product previews.
Good quality images!

There is that airplane again!
Building textures are not the best I have seen. But quite good enough,

In the above shots you get a very good view of the difficult approach! And I thought Kathmandu was hard!
Impressive valley!
Fully animated people at the terminal! Nice touch.

Again, the developer did an excellent job of creating the look and feel of the place!

So overall, is it worth the purchase? well I say yes! This developer is getting better with every work! I wish he back-ported the scenery to FS9. But the fact that he is now creating FSX native sceneries is a good thing. Just be mindful of the issues we have shown you here. We don't know if everyone will have these runway problems but with Mark and myself using 2 different platforms, we suggest you be mindful. We expect the developer to have a look and release an update.


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Anonymous said...

The approach reminds me at Khasab, Oman. Take alook at

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but how does scenery with such bad mesh problems even manage to get published and made available for purchase? That's totally preposterous!

The scenery looks very interesting. but should never have been put on Simmarket in it's current state. Now there is even less of an urgency for the developer to fix this, never mind the fact they missed such a grave error in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"Leave your NGX's at home" That sounds like a challenge for me :)

Anonymous said...

I agree.

In this state, this is a customer rip-off.

I can't believe the developer has no shame and self-respect, to put out for sale something like this.

Anonymous said...

I just sent an email to Simmarket expressing my shock and dismay that they would sell scenery in such a bad condition. This is totally unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

Apart from the terminal was there any other custom modeling? it all looked like the default FSX stuff form the pictures?

Unknown said...

The heliport as well.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this has now been fixed?

Unknown said...

Not sure, we haven't heard anything. I know several readers have notified simMarket regarding the issue so that may help. Maybe i'll try to reinstall in a day or two.

Real pity as the scenery is actually quite nice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can't believe they missed this. It's a shame, as I really wanted to buy this and am now waiting to see if they fix it before I hit the purchase button.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post a new headline once it's fixed, so we can all be aware of the fix. Thanks in advance!

Zohaib said...

i also was very unhappy customer when i first received the product with mesh issues. on insisting the developer, i got the manual fix.

no issues since then, they should have solved these well before though.

the developer says the new installer will be available within 24 hours notice.

Zohaib said...

i m making low res photo-real scenery for approach around the airport so it blends in nicely, do keep an eye out for it in the next week on

Anonymous said...

anybody know from where can i get those default trees that you show in these pictures?

i've seen the same type in MSK previews and then here, but mine look awful, where can i find these textures for autogen trees?

has the mesh issue been solved?

Unknown said...

Which trees are you using? As long as you have never replaced the autogen trees you should be seeing the same ones as us?

Apparently there is a fix for the mesh issue but the installer has not yet been updated.

Anonymous said...

No the Heliport is not custom, it is a default FSX object

Only the Terminal is modeled custom, for a payware this is bit slack

But if people buy it.......

Unknown said...

Oh really? I spent so little time there I didn't even notice. Mesh issue turned me off immediately.

Anonymous said...

I just received an email notification that there is a new installer available on simMarket with the fix. Could you guys kindly take a look and report back?

Zohaib said...

just recieved an email that the installer has been update

trying it out right now.

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks Zohaib ;-)

Unknown said...

Yes, the update has been released - see post below:

david harp said...

MSK is stealing sattelite imagery from mapping companies and putting his name on it. thief hope you get arrested! as well as ripping people of with design failures, looks like google earth to me !

Zohaib said...

wow david! that's quite harsh! I critisized the guy and i know him from HOP forums and he cleared me off, he's being getting his GEOSTIFF from a local dealer by some name of E-solutions who work with the same company known as digital globe? i tried looking for google watermarks as well on the imagery, guess i didnt find any!..the guy was quite worried and went back to the dealer in order to get a look into it and by chance i see this comment of yours and wanted to make sure i cleared the query

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