Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Video - FSGRW Local Weather Phenomena!

Video. Recently, FS Global Real Weather version 1.7 was released which includes a very interesting feature, local weather phenomena. For example, Foehn weather is simulated at Innsbruck and special wind conditions at Madeira. Airports featuring special weather phenomena include LOWI, LPMA, EKVG, and LXGB. In this video created by dirtyFabster we get a peek at this local weather phenomena in action, specifically, landing at Madeira. Video link inside.

Video (created by dirtyFabster) depicting a TBM850 landing at Madeira experiencing the local weather phenomena feature as included in FS Global Real Weather version 1.7 - click here

Learn more about FS Global Real Weather - click here


Anonymous said...

Too bad the PFD is just a Carenado interpretation of the real thing. On the real G1000 you can actually see the runway on the screen, like a virtual flight simulator:


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for a proper PC-12 with the new glass cockpit:


Now THAT would be awesome in P3D!

Anonymous said...

Hello!! this post is about FSGRW, not Carenado's G1000. Go bash the PFD at Carenado's site where your comments will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I want the PMDG 777!.......it has a runway on the display:))))

Anonymous said...

So, which one is better - FS global weather or Opus ?

Anonymous said...

FS Global Weather is better, just read the previous posts here why:


Martin said...

Are writing this down from own experience comparing or just picking up other people's claims?

Anonymous said...

It's so funny that whenever Opus is praised nobody asks where the opinion comes from :).

Anonymous said...

From my own experience! I have REX, AS2012, OpusFSX and now Fs Global Weather.

I'm now for the first time flying through cloud layers without them magically disappearing und me!

Anonymous said...

I have been very impressed with Global Weather and at this stage, no longer consider AS2012 an option to use in my sim for real weather.

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