Saturday, May 18, 2013

UK 2000 Luton released !

FS9/FSX/P3D. Gary Summons has just released Luton EGGW a few minutes ago on his website. To be followed by simshops today. Update 09:10 UTC. Now on Simmarket.

Product info:

More screenshots :


Anonymous said...

Well, hope he he works on the color blending when he starts with the new EGLL. Would look odd with FTX England.

Unknown said...

What an ugly airport this is.

Mason Dominique said...

Did you try it already ?

Anonymous said...

Just installed...another quality release from Uk2000!

Anonymous said...

My initial impressions are I'm impressed. Lots of detail and the airport feels like there is plenty of life in and around it. Lots of GA and corporate jets around which look great too. Looking forward to flying some holiday charters between Luton and Skiathos!

Unknown said...

I mean the real airport is also ugly, not the developer's work is bad.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, quite an ugly airport. I'm only talking about the airport not Gary's work. His work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Mr Summons makes fine and decent airports, but his promotional screenshots are abysmal at best.
He should hire someone like jardoo or or someone else to do the promotional screenshots.

Anonymous said...

Two things. The ugliness is what makes it so interesting.
2. Those who know Gary's work really does not require the jerdoo or others for convincing. Truly a developer/designer that gets better and better with every release.

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