Sunday, May 19, 2013

UK 2000 Luton : First look!

FS9/FSX. Two years after Eiresim, UK 2000's turn. And this time, a real tunnel under the taxiway. And the benefits (or not) of Orbx EU England surroundings. I always buy Gary's sceneries blind. Runway textures, lighting, the amount of details. Now, it's up to you to judge. Oh, and a small comparison with Eiresim Luton EGGW.

Luton would be "an awful airport" according to some people. Possibly. The architecture is a mess and the platform has grown with Low cost airlines in a very erratic way. On the other hand, i am never bored using this airport since i am still discovering new areas at each flight, new aprons, new buildings.
Now, if you are found of FS history, Eiresim pulled the rug out from under UK 2000, when the irish developer released Luton on August 15 2011. Times have changed. Terry Smith, founder of Eiresim, is busy on another work, Aviasim (who announced a Luton too) has given up and Gary Summons has finally released HIS Luton EGGW. The scenery shows really good technics (relief on Runway 08 approach, bridge/tunnel, cars traffic etc.). Gary desserves credits. If you are still not shure about this, take a look at these screenshots comparisons.
Eiresim ground runway texture :
UK 2000 version :

* * * * *
Eiresim Monarch hangars

UK 2000 version :

* * * * *
Eiresim (main taxiway to the runway) / no bridge

UK 2000 version : bridge

Eiresim tower

UK 2000 tower

Eiresim terminal E2

UK 2000 :

* * * * * * * * * *

Impressive relief... All the screenshots below are taken with Orbx EU England. Geforce Nvidia set on performances (not high quality).

Some of the  static aircrafts are coming from MyTraffic Lite.

* * * * * * * * * *
Luton EGGW under dusk lights

The two last ones are taken on night time.

More on this scenery ?
(these screenshots have a much better resolution)
Airdailyx May 19th 2013
DM / First look



Anonymous said...

Errr... you still have FTX England enhanced airports showing through the Eiresim airport. (blue hangers, two control towers etc)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I noticed that too.

Fair enough UK2000 may look better in some ways but UK2000 need to change their textures, they keep the same old detail textures for everything!!

I dont think such comparison is fair at all!!

Anonymous said...

As pointed out this is not comparing like for like. You are showing the Eiresim Luton with FTX still enabled, if you check you their screenshots on their website you will see a more direct comparison.

Particularly with the "bridge" which your review implies does not exist in the Eiresim product

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