Saturday, May 18, 2013

Twotter live test (20 shots!)

FSX. Aerosoft and "Belynz", his new team partner, have tested the Twin Otter X in direct live at 12:00 GMT today. You missed the event ? Here are a selection of shots taken during the show. Approximately 130 people attended this Twitch thing.

More than 90mn of direct live on Twitch. Interesting experience if a lot of time has been lost while testing knobs and settings. What did we hear ? There is still 7 weeks of beta test from now.
The sounds system looks very much like the older Aerosoft Twin Otter version according to a few people impressions during the test. The cockpit and the panels are really wonderful and very few critics on this point. We asked about ice accumulation on the wings but still no answer so far.
You will be able to handle to aircraft pretty easily at the beginning, thanks to an onboard manual.
Other things : circuit breakers are not working. Every doors can be opened. 







The onboard manual



Despite a high-end configuration (PC used during the test / I7 4,7 Ghz, Corsair RAM...), you can  still see some blank panel after a few seconds on outside view.

Final approach in Lukla (Aerosoft scenery).




More soon !


Anonymous said...

OK. I saw like 20 minutes of the stream, where he departed from ST Bartez or something... the guy had NO clue how to properly fly and/or configure the plane. It was without a doubt the most unprofessional display of a commercial product.

Aerosoft, do yourself a favor and team up with a pro and not some random game kiddie. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up Number 18 is not the Aerosoft Twotter

Anonymous said...

FlyBe Twotter there is static at Barra guys......

Anonymous said...

Why have you put a screenshot of the static aircraft at Barra airport? It's obviously not the new Twin Otter??

Anonymous said...

If you'd have seen more than 20 minutes of the stream you'd have known that this was the first time Matt had even flown this late Alpha version of the Twin Otter.

Before ranting how about giving some of your free time to better the Flight Sim Community.

Mason Dominique said...

Oh the Flybe is a static !

Anonymous said...

Haha yes! it's still well detailed for just static huh

Anonymous said...

I, Liked the stream and cudo's for keeping the bird in the air so long with 1 engine at Lukla. For being his first time I thought he did a great job especially going through the pre-start check list.

Nice job 7 weeks approx for purchase and 11 models will be included. You'd know that if you watched the stream guys. Plus their was a lot of give a-ways.

Dave W said...

To be fair, I purchased the previous Twotter from Aerosoft and have thoroughly enjoyed using it.

It is a fair point that you would expect that if they embrace bloggers they would ensure they could at least fly the type before letting them drone around wondering how the hell to fly the thing!

I enjoy these type of webcasts but was very disappointed that the "pilot" didn't have clue how fly the thing!!

Kind regards

Dave W

Pirx said...

Matt has said we are 7 weeks from release.

Livestream is becoming a great way to share our hobby. It is also a great tool to developers to show their products. As it is realtime, it becomes more fresh and friendly. For exemple, it has been funny when Matt has lost one of his engines at Lukla :)

Anonymous said...

20 minutes? You really caught a lot then. Maybe watch the whole cast and lighten up a bit. It was a good showcase and added some good humor, including getting to see what it's like when you do mess up (like engine failures). Matt was great, showing what people wanted to see, and answering questions, and even some developers from Aerosoft were in the chat participating as it was going on as well.

I and many others enjoyed it and see the value in it. When else do we get to see multiple flights of an aircraft that's not even in beta yet?

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to be critical of the Stream. It was never ment to be a review flight or even a Demo of Matt's knowledge on the Twotter. I'm guessing Aerosoft thought it an innovative way to show a late Alpha build of a highly anticipated release.

That had been the first time Matt had flown the aircraft according to the start of his stream so I personally thought he did quite a good job in showing it off. It allowed us to see how easy a complex type can be made for those new to type and it also showed you can stuff an engine.

It seems this guy gives up his simming time to help others on his channel which surely can only be a positive for the hobby. I often wonder how many of those sticking the boot in have contributed in a positive way to our hobby, I would guess not.

Dave W said...

Thank you for your response Anonymous - whoever you may be,

I don't disagree that it is easy to be critical and yes, I am critical in this instance.

It is an innovative way to demonstrate a product that is near to production but if I were the Project Manager I would make sure that the demonstrator pilot could at least fly the plane to ensure that my product was displayed in the most positive light.

I am careful to offer constructive criticism as I wish to further all aspects of the flight sim genre and contrary to sticking the boot in as you say, I am happy to promote all products that I enjoy and this is one of them, I just feel it could have been handled in a more professional manner....

I enjoyed this webcast and am immensely impressed by the visuals of the VC but please, I hope Aerosoft use this as a learning experience and help polish the act going forward.

I try to contribute in a positive way as I have no intention of knocking any Developer that makes my experience of FSX a more pleasureable one and happliy assist in any way I can but that does not mean I cannot level criticism where due....

With kind regards

Dave W

Anonymous said...

yes and crashed nearly historicaly at the same spot as in the realworld when that happend to a plane of same type but was the weather insted of engin problems..

if you missed it or want to replay it´s here:

Anonymous said...


(and btw, I am not the anonymous above, but anyways)

Its called Market Perception. Most people who buy the Twin Otter Extended wont even have flown it once, so that video is a good overview of how a typical simmer will use the product.

Besides, if he flew like all professionally and didn't crash at Lukla, it wont be fun XD

Anonymous said...

If i have a look at the needles at some screenshots i ask me two things:

1.: These unsharp panel testures are hard to read, setup problem of the screenshot maker or less quality work in graphics of the product?

2.: Does this screenshot maker knows what he do? Picture 14 of 24 for example shows massive different engine indications within approach.

I think it is sure, we will not get a Majestic, A2A or PMDG product.

Anonymous said...

Have You ever had the chance to see a A2A or PMDG addon in alpha state ?

Maybe a few screenshots showing next to nothing, but definitly not a 2 hour video bringing You around the entire aircraft.

Anonymous said...

"Have You ever had the chance to see a A2A or PMDG addon in alpha state ?"

no. But i know about the knowledge of the beta personnel, the quality of development preparation and developers own quality-demanding to the product.
Me as a staunch customer there are be no less quality final products to expect. If there are missing or faulty things at the final product, these are due to innovation technics level or depth simulation issues.

I hope for aerosofts self made product, the internal quality management is willing to decide to jump into a much higher level of simulation quality - where A2A and PMDG wants to be an already is.

I know that there will be no issues about devided and independent sounds for prop and N1. These are questions you do not have to talk about prior release at A2A or PMDG.

But with others..

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