Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Twin Otter : cargo hall nearly done

FSX. Aerosoft has posted three more screenshots of the Twin Otter X cargo area. Still "Work in progress". Behind this other project, hundreds hours of developments.

More shots :


bstikkel said...

Look very good. Is there already any info about update possibilities for the owners of the now sold Aerosoft Twin Otter.

Pirx said...

They say that there is still a long time to realease and that they are trying to tweak FSX to make propellers more real.
It is the challenge of our days: tweaking FSX, that's developers today's fight.

The graphic quality seems excellent.

Anonymous said...

It's still a W.I.P we are in the middle of Alpha testing at the moment. Its not ready for beta as of yet. We are waiting for the Cargo area to be completed so we can continue testing. The Stefen can continue working on the float version. Just to give you a heads up it will have a flight recorder hooked up to Google earth so you can see your flight in realtime. Just hang in there guys you will not be disappointed that's for sure. Regards Keith

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