Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Skiathos released !!!

FSX/P3D. 29Palms has just released Skiathos LGSK on a main simshop. The Saint-Maarten of Europe is there !

More on this team and products :
The official trailer:


Anonymous said...

Finally! Preview shots are finished!!

Seriously now, good stuff, ok but ADX needs to moderate a bit, we cant be seeingthe same things over and over and over and over again. I understand developers want the attention but you cant just force it like this.

Mason Dominique said...

We reached the same conclusion a few days ago :)
But... Skiathos is most possibly in the top 10 of sceneries in 2013. Maybe in the Top 5?

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has time to check 1000 different forums or facebook pages to look for preview shots, thankfully the very kind folk at AirDaiy do that for us, and I feel confident in the fact checking ADX at any time will offer me the latest news about the FS world. Should they start 'cherry-picking' previews and items, I would no longer feel comfortable assuming ADX be my only source for FS news.

Frank van der Werff said...

Yes finally! Will buy tonight although I must say the price of 23 euro is a but higher than I anticipated. I expected in the 17-18 euro range.

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