Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sim Physics X released

[FSX]. FSPS has released its latest product, Sim Physics X. This new product adds ice effects, 3D camera angles, runway bumps and sounds (this feature has been released previously by this editor), improved brakes simulation, anti-skid realism etc. We will test this long awaited product. At least to check the memory and framerate impact...

Very detailed explanations here :


Anonymous said...

AirdailyX should refrain from using words like "long awaited" to make your journalism sound neutral.

This product is not new btw, its been out for a while now. look at the post date.

Anonymous said...

Does this product offer the same touchdown camera shake on landing similar to Ezdok?

Anonymous said...

Would love to read some kind of review, because it sounds too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

if it doesn't wok with TrackIR then pass for me

Anonymous said...

It does work with TrackIR, accufeel, ezdok , opus and other similar (on the head moving part) software. You just have to click here and there to make them compatible.

The ground icing and deicing with the fluids is what counts. Priceless!

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